How To Make Your Own Bamboo Wind Chimes

A wind chime or a wind organ brings a lot of atmosphere to the terrace or balcony. In the past they were mainly used to chase away evil spirits, nowadays they are mainly used for decoration and atmosphere. It is believed that the sound of a wind chime promotes “Qi”. A wind chime is quite easy to make yourself. How do you make it? We explain it to you in this DIY blog!


Semi-circular bamboo pole Tali

How To Make Your Own Bamboo Wind Chimes

3x Moso Ø 3-4 100cm

2.5m thin linen rope


8mm bamboo drill

Japanese saw

scissors + pencil + ruler


fournitures photo

DIY – Make your own bamboo wind chimes 12
For this blog we used natural bamboo, for a dark variant you can use a Nigra Ø 3-4 300cm glue.

Let’s get to work!

Step 1. Measure and cut to size

Measure 2x 36cm, 2x 32, 2x 28 and 2x 24 centimeters on the posts. This way you get 2 x 4 sticks of varying length. Of course you can also opt for longer sticks, it depends entirely on your taste. You cut them to the right lengths. Use sandpaper to avoid splinters.

photos étape 1

Step 2. Make a notch to get the best sound.

Take about 1/4th part, or about 7 centimeters at the bottom. Here you make a slanted notch and saw to about half the thickness of the stick. Mark in line how it should come out, then saw from the end to the notch. If you are near a knot, it is best to remove it. Do this for all the sticks. Finish your sticks by smoothing them with the sandpaper. Save the sawed off piece, you will need it later.

photos étape 2

Steps 3 and 4. Drill holes for the rope

With a drill, make a hole on the left and right sides of the stick at the top. Make 5 holes on the sides of the half shell. Then you also make two holes on the outside of the top and 2 holes side by side in the middle at the top. Use sandpaper to make it smooth.

photo étape 3 et 4

Step Five. Make a gong in the middle

From the half pieces you just sawed, you now choose one. It will hang like a gong in the middle. Drill a hole in it and tie a rope about 40 cm long to it. Tie this rope through the two holes in the middle.

photos étape 5

Step 6 and 7. Thread the posts onto the hull.

Start threading the poles. Lay them all down and sort by size. Start by tying a knot at the outermost hole. Then pull the rope through the post and hang it at the desired height. It’s nice to do this about four inches below the hull. Then pull the rope through the next hole again and tie a knot so that it hangs at the right height. Then you move on to the next message and finish it like this.

photo étape 6 et 7

Do the same for the other side.

Step 8. Suspension system

Take about 30 centimeters of rope and tie it to the inside of the hull at the two outer holes.

Ready to go!

Now you can hang the wind chimes outside and enjoy the soothing sound they make. Would you like to show us your results if you copy it?


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