Mildew: A Natural Way To Get Rid Of It

Between harmful insects and pests (aphids, beetles, slugs, etc.) and cryptogamic diseases (alternariosis, peach blight, powdery mildew, etc.), our vegetable plants and other fruit trees can suffer great damage. Among gardeners, however, it is often mildew that is the most well-known and feared. If nothing is done to stop the infestation, the fungus can quickly spread to all parts of the plants. It is necessary to remove all infected plants from the garden or vegetable garden to prevent it from spreading further. So many crops are lost because of these spores that cause black and brown spots on leaves and fruits! To eradicate this destructive cryptogamic disease, there is no need to use chemical phytosanitary products. Here is a grandmother’s recipe against mildew that you must know.

With this natural remedy that uses essential oils, you will avoid using Bordeaux mixture, whose copper can pollute the soil.


-1 l of clay milk
(We give you the recipe below to make with water and green or white clay surfine).
-Black soap or dishwashing liquid
-20 drops of organic oregano essential oil

mildiou tomate

The recipe for an effective remedy against mildew

Start by making a clay milk!
The milk of clay will allow to dilute the essential oil. It will also serve as an adherent liquid support to stick to the plant and allow a more durable and effective treatment. To do this, mix a level teaspoon of surfine clay with a liter of rainwater. Make sure the powder is properly diluted. It is ready!

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You can then continue your anti-mildew recipe…
Dilute 20 drops of essential oil in half a teaspoon of black soap or a squirt of washing-up liquid. Then, complete with a glass of rainwater and emulsify with a whisk. Finally, mix this preparation with your clay milk and transfer to a spray bottle. You can then easily spray your solution on the areas to be treated and the affected plants.

Preferably, you will have to spray this curative product in the early morning, as soon as the sun rises. Avoid using it in full sun. Do not hesitate to use it at the first signs of mildew. This will prevent the symptoms from getting worse!

Other essential oils effective against mildew?

tomate maladie mildiou potager

The fungicidal properties of oregano oil work against different types of mildew (tomatoes, potatoes, vines, roses…). Other associations can also be useful, always respecting the same dilution: eucalyptus globulus essential oil and lemon essential oil, sage essential oil and orange essential oil or rosemary cineole essential oil, tea tree essential oil and lemongrass essential oil.


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