Mosquitoes: 10 Repellent Plants To Grow In Your Garden Or Pot

As the weather gets warmer, so do the biting insects… and the itchiness is just around the corner! And since a natural repellent can do just as well (or better) than candles or a chemical-based insecticide spray, it would be wrong to deprive ourselves of it!

Of course, there are essential oils such as citronella or lemon eucalyptus essential oil.

Nevertheless, you can also simply chase away mosquitoes by inviting the right plants in your garden or in pots, on your balcony or veranda. Here are some examples of anti-insect plants that these unwanted bugs do not tolerate.

Whether they are plants to keep mosquitoes away or not, avoid stagnant water that attracts mosquitoes and tiger mosquitoes!

1) Lemongrass, one of the most famous plants against mosquitoes!

citronnelle citron

It contains citronnellol, an organic compound with a strong lemon smell. Its main advantage is that this plant grows very easily, and all year round. Moreover, if you are not careful, you could end up with clumps up to two meters. Besides, it is also not very capricious: it likes in general all the grounds and supports as well the full ground as the pot. As for the luminosity, it is not very particular either: the full sun or a more shaded corner will suit it just as well.

2) Lavender plants

Mosquitoes: 10 Repellent Plants To Grow In Your Garden Or Pot

Its beautiful purple flowers elegantly dress up the garden and are also very effective against mosquitoes. Indeed, its beautiful relaxing scent makes the misfortune of these flying insects! It is also very easy to grow in a window box on the windowsill. This allows you to block the mosquitoes that would like to enter. Of course, you can also put it in your flowerbeds. Just note that lavender prefers poor and stony soil. It is also necessary that this soil is well drained and very sunny.

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3) Basil

Mosquitoes: 10 Repellent Plants To Grow In Your Garden Or Pot

This is not one of the first plants you think of to fight mosquitoes. And yet, it is part of the large family of Lamiaceae. These plants are naturally rich in essential oil (lavender, peppermint, thyme …) and their smell bothers these undesirables. There are different varieties, all very effective with a preference for lemon basil and cinnamon basil which are the most aromatic. For your basil to grow well, give it a rich and fresh soil, in half-shade. You can also invite a pot of it on the terrace or against the kitchen window.

4) The geranium, another of those plants that are enemies of mosquitoes

géranium fenêtre balcon

Another very pretty plant with a pleasant smell for us, but which scares mosquitoes away very quickly and very far! We advise you to grow it in planters on your windowsills. If you do it in your rooms, you will have mosquito-free nights!

5) Garlic among the best mosquito repellent plants

Mosquitoes: 10 Repellent Plants To Grow In Your Garden Or Pot

When you think about it, vampires and mosquitoes have a lot in common. They are creatures that give us nightmares and suck the blood of humans. And last but not least, mosquitoes also fear garlic! In the vegetable garden, it has the ability to scare away many pests and its fungicidal properties are an asset against harmful diseases. So don’t hesitate to make room for it in your garden!

6) Mint

Mosquitoes: 10 Repellent Plants To Grow In Your Garden Or Pot

Peppermint, spearmint, spearmint… these plants have a whole smell that we love and that mosquitoes on the other hand hate. Moreover, mice, ants and aphids are in the same boat. They are also welcome in all soils, with a preference for semi-shade. Just plan a little space in the ground, because their roots take up space! In a pot, on the balcony or by the kitchen window, it will be less annoying. In addition, you can rub a mint leaf to relieve a mosquito bite.

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7) The very aromatic rosemary


This little shrub with pretty, soft blue flowers isn’t just great for cooking. In the garden, it makes butterflies happy, as they are very attracted to it. And on the contrary, it effectively scares away mosquitoes that get too close! Moreover, it generally grows well in all soils as long as it is in full sun. You can also grow it in a pot, on a terrace or by a sunny window.

8) The most amazing anti-mosquito plants: catnip

Mosquitoes: 10 Repellent Plants To Grow In Your Garden Or Pot

Yes, your catnip and nepeta plants don’t just make your cat purr with pleasure. Indeed, mosquitoes fear them, because catnip naturally contains a very effective repellent oil (more so than many industrial products) and nepeta is a member of the Lamiaceae family. Catnip grows easily in pots and gardens. For nepeta, provide well-drained soil and sun to part shade. Know that it also grows very well in a pot or in a window box and that it likes very much next to roses plantations.

9) Lemon balm

mélisse officinale parmi les plantes anti moustiques

We have to believe that mosquitoes have a thing for lemony odors… Everything leads us to believe this, at least when we notice the repulsive effectiveness of lemon balm on these little creatures! So much the better, because it is also very useful and easy to maintain. Indeed, this resistant plant supports as well the drought as the shade. It even has such a tendency to spread quickly that it is better to grow it in a pot!

10) Calendula to finish this list of anti-mosquito plants in beauty

souci calendula

In chemical repellents from the supermarket, the active ingredient is often pyrethrin. However, it is found in the composition of this beautifully colored plant. Its fragrance quickly scares away mosquitoes. You can therefore plant it around your house to avoid a mosquito infestation in summer or grow several pots of it. It is also possible to decorate your windowsills with planters of marigold flowers… so you don’t have to worry about anything in summer!

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