Nitrogen fixing trees for orchards, forest gardens, food forests and permaculture designs

Permaculture gardens, food forests and orchards often use nitrogen fixing trees and shrubs to supply the nitrogen needed for good production. This video shows 10 of the species we’re working with in the far north of Scotland to feed our food forests, swale systems, garden and orchard without inputs.

Scotch broom, Cytisus scoparius
Siberian pea tree, Caragana arborescens
Sea buckthorn, Hippophae
Italian alder, Alnus cordata
Autumn olive, Elaeagnus umbellata
Gorse, Ulex
Ebbings silverberry, Elaeagnus ebbingei
Honey locust, Gleditsia triacanthos
Wax myrtle, Myrica cerifica/Myrica pensylvanica
Black locust, Robinia pseudoacacia