Planting Distance For Tomatoes: Keep This Distance

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Ripe tomatoes with lots of flavor and aroma are the dream of every amateur gardener. To ensure that the tomato harvest is also lush, it is necessary to pay attention to the correct spacing when planting.

  • Tomatoes need a lot of space
  • correct distance depends on the growth of the plants
  • in case of doubt, better to put less tomato plants

When planting tomatoes, spacing is a must. This is due to several reasons:

  • need a lot of nutrients
  • grow in width
  • need a lot of sun and airiness

Tomatoes do not like each other very much

If they stand too close, the plants compete with each other. As a result, none of them will develop well because of it. In addition, if the planting distance is too small, tomatoes are much more susceptible to diseases and pests. Therefore, the rule of thumb when planting is: less is more!

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Kranke Tomate

Planting distance for different tomatoes

Planting Distance For Tomatoes: Keep This Distance

Since many varieties of tomatoes have never been registered, the number of varieties is estimated at more than 7,000. That is why it is not surprising that there are plants with the most diverse growth characteristics. Therefore, the choice of the minimum distance depends on the growth of tomato plants.

Pot and balcony tomatoes

The minimum diameter for a tomato plant in a pot is 20 centimeters. If you have chosen a bushy variety, the pot diameter should be at least 40 centimeters.


Balcony tomatoes are varieties that require relatively little space. The minimum size of the pot for these particular tomatoes is 10 liters. This also applies to tomato varieties that thrive in the hanging basket.

Whether in a tub or in a balcony box, a safe distance also applies here. Depending on the growth height, you should keep at least 50 (up to 25 centimeters growth height) or 60 centimeters (for larger plants) distance between the individual tomato plants.

Popular balcony or potted tomatoes are, for example:

  • Balkonstar (also suitable for balcony boxes).
  • Hoffmann’s Rentita
  • Lizzano (also for hanging baskets)
  • Romello (also for hanging baskets)
  • Red Riding Hood (bush tomato)
  • Vilma (growing height about 100 centimeters)
  • Dwarf tomato Primabell (also suitable for balcony boxes)

Outdoor tomatoes and greenhouse tomatoes

In the bed or outdoors, you should choose the planting distance between each tomato larger than in a pot on the balcony.

Tomaten im Beet
  • Stick tomatoes: at least 50 centimeters
  • vine tomatoes: 80 to 100 centimeters
  • Cocktail / wet tomatoes: 30 to 40 centimeters
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Note: These are guidelines for orientation. Tomatoes are also happy with a larger distance.

In the greenhouse, tomato plants may stand a little closer, as they are protected from wind and rain there. Nevertheless, the planting distance should be within 50 centimeters. However, the ideal distance between plants is 60-70 centimeters. The distance between rows should be at least 80 centimeters.

Note: If the tomatoes are growing in pots in the greenhouse, the pot sizes for potted tomatoes apply.

Popular stake tomatoes are, for example:

Stabtomate "Goldene Königin"

Hilmar (also suitable for the tub)
Golden queen
Goldstreif (also suitable for the pot)
Red Zebra (growing height up to 250 centimeters)

Popular bush / vine tomatoes:

  • Lyterno
  • Vilma
  • Popular cocktail tomatoes are for example:
Cocktailtomate "Gardener's  Delight"
  • Blue Pitts
  • Gardener’s Delight
  • Katinka
  • Santorange
  • Tigerella

Popular cherry / cherry tomatoes include, for example:

  • Black Cherry
  • Primavera
  • Sanvitos (Favorita)

Popular beef tomatoes include:

Fleischtomate "Ochsenherz"
  • Ox Heart
  • Brandywine
  • Marmande

Frequently asked questions

Can I put two tomato plants in one container?

In principle, this is possible. However, you will need an appropriately sized planter if they are not typical balcony tomatoes.

What is the distance between the rows in the bed?

The distance between the rows must be at least as large as that between the plants. So that you still have room to walk yourself, it should be at least 100 centimeters.

Can I put smaller and larger plants next to each other in the bed?

You can mix the different varieties of tomatoes in the garden bed. However, when planting distance, you should make sure that larger plants do not take away too much light from the smaller ones.

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