Repot Purchased Basil Better Right Away – This Is How To Do It

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It’s so devastating – hardly bought, the basil dies within a week. The causes have long been puzzled. Where the crux lies buried and how to solve the problem by repotting, you can read here.

Basilikum umtopfen

That’s why basil from the supermarket lasts only a short time.
What made even savvy experts frown has finally been clarified. The lush green appearance of basil in the supermarket is more appearance than reality. In fact, regal herb on store shelves is already so stressed that in it is on its last legs. The causes at a glance:

  • the transport route often stretches over hundreds of kilometers
  • the strong herb is grown in a substrate that is too lean
  • a low temperature level and low water supply intensify the stress

Repot Purchased Basil Better Right Away - This Is How To Do It

The always smoldering suspicion of deliberately contaminated or inferior soil in the context of production, is thus out of the world. In truth, you hold in your hands a completely deprived basil. Precisely this circumstance, in turn, gives hope that with a few simple steps you can still save the king herb at home. The solution is: rejuvenate by repotting.

Make three out of one – this is how to succeed by repotting.
The negative effects on store-bought basil are compounded by planting it far too closely in a pot. This leads to all-consuming competition for water, nutrients and light. In order for king herb to provide a delicious harvest for longer than 1 week, proceed as follows:

  • Immediately pot up the herb plant and cut it into 3 parts.
  • in 3 pots put a clay shard above the bottom opening as drainage
  • fill in a mixture of potting soil and sand up to half the height above it
  • insert one basil segment each and fill the hollow space with substrate
  • water generously
  • move to a sunny, warm and sheltered place
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Scientific experiments have proven that in a 30-cm pot should be cultivated no more than 5-10 shoots of a king weed. In this case, vital, lush green herb plants develop within a few days. Optimal care revolves around weekly fertilizing and regular watering once the soil has dried.

Tips & Tricks
Basil doesn’t just add the finishing touch to Mediterranean dishes. The versatile herb plant also soothes itchy insect bites without any chemicals. To do this, crush freshly harvested basil leaves and rub them onto the skin.


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