Rewilding Britain – I Found a Perfect Area, Where Can You Find?

There are so many places that we could rewild! Looking at that sea wall, even if there was a hedge running along the side of it, that would promote more wildlife! One place I would love to see rewilding is in our national parks. The large green deserts, that have been labelled ‘natural’, when they are managed so much! If the government were to use a fraction of tax payers money to buy up farms in the uplands, from farmers that didn’t want to farm anymore, and return it back to nature. Even better still, pay farmers of the national parks their subsidies for returning the land back to nature, rather than using the subsidies to rear sheep which in effect destroy natural habitats! In my opinion there are so many options, but the issue is that the majority of the population doesn’t see any value in natural environments when in reality they would add so much!

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