Robins: Breeding Time & Duration Info

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Robins (Erithacus rubecula) are a bird species native to Europe, North Africa and Asia Minor. The typical song of the birds resounds from dawn to dusk. Learn more about robin breeding season, timing and location in the following article.

To the point

  • during courtship the female bird enters the territory of the male and allows herself to be mated
  • Erithacus rubecula breed several times a year
  • females lay 5 – 7 eggs
  • brood lasts 14 days
  • during breeding the male provides the family with food

The courtship

Robins: Breeding Time & Duration Info

The birds of the flycatcher family go on courtship several times a year. The female bird flies into the territory of a male. The behavior of the male bird is aggressive. The female appeases. As a result, the male robin feeds the female bird. Following this, a brief sexual act takes place. The sexual act is repeated frequently in the following period. The period starts with the first mating and ends with the laying of the eggs.

Rotkehlchen auf der Balz

Note: During courtship and before breeding, the robin birds are exceedingly fond of singing. If you frequently hear the native birds singing, it is the mating season.

The breeding season
The bird species Erithacus rubecula breeds several times a year. The first brood takes place in the period between March and April. The next clutch follows in June and July. A third breeding season is comparatively rare in robins. The female bird lays 5 – 7 eggs. These are yellowish and brown spotted.

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The breeding period
Throughout the brood, the male provides food. After 14 days of breeding the young birds hatch. After that it takes another 14 days until the nestlings are fledged. Then the young robins fly after their parents and beg for food.

The nesting place
Native birds look for a nesting place in the thicket. Densely grown bushes or hedges are ideal for nest building. Within a very short time, the birds prepare their flat nests.

Tip: If natural enemies of the robins live nearby, you can support the nest site search. Nesting boxes on a house wall or tree offer comprehensive protection so that the parents can protect their young birds.

Frequently asked questions

How do gardeners respond during the breeding season?

If robins have built a nest in your yard, you should wait to cut hedges. You should not stress the parents or young birds during the breeding season.

What is the danger during the breeding season?

Natural enemies of the birds are cats or martens. In addition, birds of prey pose a threat to the young. If you want to protect the brood, you can implement safety measures. Catch trays under the nesting sites and climbing protection prevent natural enemies from poaching in the nest.

What do the birds eat during breeding?

The male brings food directly to the nest site. Predominantly insects and larvae are part of the diet. The birds like to eat ants, aphids or the caterpillars of butterflies. Outside of breeding, various fruits also belong to the preferred food.

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