Should I Leave Nettles In My Garden?

Should I Leave Nettles In My Garden?

Compared to other plants nettles are probably rather unpopular. Yet the supposed weed in the garden is still very useful for humans, animals and other flowers.

Anyone who has ever touched a stinging nettle with their skin while working in the garden knows how unpleasant the plant’s so-called nettle rash can be. The place itches often still the whole day. In addition, stinging nettles can easily reach the height of a child at 150 centimeters. Reason enough for many to get rid of the plants.

Get rid of nettle in the garden: Is the plant a weed?

In addition, the nettle is visually rather plain. It has no flowers like other closely related rose plants and is therefore quickly dismissed as a weed.

The nettle “plays an important role in the balance of nature, is a valuable medicinal and vegetable plant and should therefore not be missing in any natural garden,” it says on the homepage of the Federation. A weed, which harms other plants, humans or animals, is not it thereby. For butterflies it is even very valuable.

Species such as the peacock butterfly or the small fox feed on nettles. Butterflies, in turn, serve as food for birds or other animals. Thus, nettles help to maintain the biological balance. It can therefore be useful to simply leave some of the plants in the garden and thus make it more natural. Hedgehogs also enjoy natural gardens.

Get rid of weeds in the garden: Nettles can still be useful

Who the nettles in the garden yet literally grow over the head and want to remove a few, but should not simply dispose of them. Because the plant can still be useful both in the garden and for their own health.

As a so-called nettle liquid manure, it serves as a high-quality fertilizer and, incidentally, is also an effective remedy against pests such as aphids. To make this, all you need is masses of nettles, cold water (rainwater is ideal) and a large container.

  • Making slurry from nettles: This is how easy it is
  • Coarsely chop the nettles and put them in the bucket.
  • Fill the container with cold water and stir the liquid well.
  • Then put a lid or a fine-mesh net on top to keep insects out.
  • The liquid manure should be stored in a warm and sunny place, where it will ferment faster.
  • The fermentation process takes about 2 weeks, in the meantime stir the liquid manure daily. When the liquid manure stops foaming, it is ready.

Before pouring the liquid manure on plants, the solid parts could be sieved out and put on the compost.

Use nettles in the kitchen: Plant is a superfood

Not only as tea, but also as food nettles are still usable, as also reports The plant is according to Nabu a kind of superfood and for example rich in vitamin C and B vitamins. In the kitchen, you can use them similar to spinach and steam, boil or fry. They also show their effect when mixed in a smoothie.

If you don’t want to prepare them warm, you should still at least put them in warm water or roll them over with a rolling pin. Otherwise, you can quickly burn your tongue.

Should I Leave Nettles In My Garden?

Removing stinging nettle: simple tips for the garden.

When removing stinging nettles, you can also proceed somewhat tactically so that the plant does not spread again directly, if possible. One advantage is that nettles have a shallow root system and can usually be removed without leaving any residue. To prevent further spreading, this should also definitely happen.

Damp soil or previous downpour can make removal even easier, the soil is then generally looser. In addition to your own muscle power and gloves, so-called dandelion pruners can serve as aids. To remove moss, you need a few more garden tools. After that, you can put some mulch over the spots.

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