Should You Sprinkle The Lawn In The Morning Or In The Evening?

Who does not want a beautiful green lawn in front of the house? But the hot summer temperatures make the grass dry up. Blowing up the lawn can help. When is the right time?

Water requirement of the lawn

If you want a green lawn in the summer, you need to know its needs. Lawn is basically a monoculture of grass. Grass consists largely of water. Accordingly, regular watering is necessary to maintain the metabolism.

The water requirement of the lawn in summer is on average 2.5 liters per square meter. The consumption depends on:

  • Location
  • Lawn type
  • Weather conditions
  • Season

Soil condition

When temperatures are warm, daily water requirements can increase to 5 gallons of water per square foot. But when is the best time for the grass to recover?

Signs of water need

How can you tell when a lawn is lacking water? To determine this, trample down the grass on half a square meter. The faster it rebuilds, the better the moisture supply. If the trampled down areas are still clearly visible after 20 minutes, this is a clear sign of a lack of water.

Should You Sprinkle The Lawn In The Morning Or In The Evening?

The curling of the leaves also indicates a lack of moisture.

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In the morning or in the evening?
Experts recommend watering lawns thoroughly in the early morning hours. At this time, the soil has cooled down and evaporation is reduced.

It is also possible to sprinkle the lawn late in the evening or at night. However, keep in mind that on hot summer days the soil heats up considerably. Only after sunset watering can bring the desired success.

Caution: evening lawn sprinkling can promote mold growth

Frequently asked questions

Are brown spots in ornamental turf a sign of lack of water?

Yes, brown spots are clear signs of a lawn that is too dry. If the lack of water persists, the entire area will turn yellow and unsightly.

Is it possible to blast the lawn in the morning even though the sun is already shining?

Blasting the lawn when the sun is strong will cause the water to evaporate quickly. Small amounts of water evaporate and cannot reach the roots. Water droplets on grass blades can cause a burning glass effect in strong sunlight and lead to burning of the blades.

Should lawns be watered briefly several times or thoroughly once?

The roots of grass are short. The plants are not able to absorb moisture from deeper regions. For this reason, thorough watering is necessary.

How can dried grass areas become green again?


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