Softening Water: How To Get Soft Water For Plants

Softening water: This is how it works

The harder the water, the more lime it contains. If you drink soft water, it has a better effect on the human body than hard water.

Soft tap water has a hardness of 7.5 to 1.3 millimoles per liter. Very hard water, on the other hand, has a hardness of up to 14. Water hardness is measured in °dH, or degrees of European hardness.
In addition to hardness, the pH value is also important. The following applies: ph 0 means that the water is acidic and ph 14 basic. Neutral is the water at pH 7. Drinking water should have a pH value of 7-9.

Your body can only process calcareous water poorly, because the substances contained, such as magnesium and calcium, can only be absorbed by the body from the water with difficulty.
With the help of different water filters you can soften the water quickly and easily.

You can connect special water filters directly to the tap. To filter water before consumption, it is best to use drinking water filters in the form of jugs.

If you filter water, you additionally preserve your household appliances. Therefore, always test your water for its quality.

How to get soft water

There are many ways how you can soften water.

For example, you can get soft water with pitcher filters, carbon water filters, ionic water filters, distillation or reverse osmosis water filters.

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If you have a water softening system installed in the house, then you can protect all the pipes and household appliances from limescale. In this case, you will save yourself the hassle of descaling through water filters.

You should note that copper pipes are not suitable for soft water. Lime water contains copper carbonate, which protects copper pipes from wear. The low pH value of soft water dissolves the copper oxide and thus also the protective layer of the pipes.

How to soften water easily

You don’t necessarily have to get a filtration system to soften water. There are conventional methods with which you can easily soften water.

If you need lime-free water in a hurry, you can buy it at a health food store or health food store.
You can also soften water with sodium bicarbonate. Sodium also has a deacidifying effect on the body. To do this, boil water and add a pinch of baking soda to the water.

Pitcher filters are very convenient if you need soft water for daily use such as cooking. To do this, pour the water into a filter jug with a cartridge that you need to replace after two to three weeks. From the filter, you can pour the water directly into the pot or coffee maker for cooking. In one container, you can filter up to two filters.

If you want to use softened water for watering plants, you need to mix the water from the tap 2:1 with distilled water.

If you catch water in a rain barrel, you can hang a peat bag in the barrel.
In aquariums, soften the water using a reverse osmosis system. This filters lime and dirt from the water.

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