St. John’s Wort: When Is It Ready For Picking?

Wann blüht Johanniskraut?

St. John’s wort can often be found in dry, lean and stony places. But when is it in the middle of its flowering season? This is crucial if you want to collect it for medicinal purposes, for example.

Period: June to August
Once the leaves are fully formed, long stems shoot up. At their end, the flower buds form. This is usually the case in June. From the end of June, the buds open. Until August (in rare cases until September), the flowers are present.

Pruning after flowering
After the flowers have taken their leave, you can cut the herb down to just above the ground. In this way, you will spare the plant from seed formation, which robs it of a lot of energy.

The flowers of St. John’s wort are rich in pigments and active substances that help to relieve depression, reduce nervousness and sleep problems.


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