Violets And Their Flowering Time

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Violets are hardly noticeable outside their flowering period. Their leaves attract little attention. On the other hand, their violet flowers provide accents on lush green lawns, at the edge of copses or on the semi-shaded forest floor. But when exactly do violets bloom?

Wann blühen Veilchen?

Flowering times of the main species
There is not only one violet. More than 500 species of the violet family are called violets. But the best known is probably the fragrant violet. It has an extremely beguiling fragrance and blooms from March to April

Violets And Their Flowering Time

But not only fragrant violet is important for gardeners. Here are other types of violets:

Horned violet: May to September
Garden pansy: April to October
Wood violets: April to May
Marsh violets: April to June
Parma violets: March to May
Pentecost violets: May to June
Bog violets: May to June
Wild pansy: May to September
Grove violet: April to June
Flowering time – the best time to collect the medicinal violet.
The flowering season of viola marks the beginning of the collecting season. While the edible violets are in bloom, the content of potent ingredients is at its highest. Both flowers and leaves and roots can be harvested. Among other things, they have


After flowering cut off withered flowers or self-seeding.
As care, it is advisable for some species to cut them after flowering. This stimulates a second flowering of horned violets, for example. It also promotes a bushier growth. But if you are keen on self-seeding, you should leave the wilted flowers on the stems.

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Tips & tricks
Violets are also popular as cut flowers for the vase. In them, some species exude their fragrance throughout the home. But remember: violets do not last long in the vase.


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