What Is The High-pressure Cleaner Used For?

Is spring just around the corner and you want to bring your patio or garden furniture back to shine? Then the high-pressure cleaner is an ideal way to spruce up even older garden furniture or your private garden area. In addition to these well-known ways to use the pressure washer, there are many other ways to use a pressure washer.

In this article, we would like to show you how versatile the high-pressure cleaner can be used. The applications will depend on the type of pressure washer, but in general you can use them for numerous cleaning cases.


Hochdruckreiniger Fahrzeuge

Did you think that high-pressure cleaners could only be used for rough surfaces and did not dare to clean your car with them? Then let us help you and you do not have to go to a car wash for every cleaning of your car to select an expensive premium program.

For the small cleaning in between, there are also high-pressure cleaners that are suitable for vehicle cleaning. Especially in spring, when pollen keeps settling on your vehicle, an intermediate cleaning with the pressure washer can be useful. In winter, on the other hand, the high-pressure cleaner can also be used to remove snow or salt residues from the vehicle.

Of course, certain precautions should be taken for vehicle maintenance using a pressure washer. Of course, you do not want to damage the paint, but there are special attachments for exactly this application. With a cleaning brush that you can attach to the pressure washer, the pressure is distributed a little more evenly and not concentrated in one spot.

With this somewhat gentler cleaning, you can still rid the vehicle of most dirt without fear of damaging the paint. Moreover, for car care, there are also certain cleaning agents that you should use.

Basically, there are also no restrictions on the type of vehicle. You can use the pressure washer on normal cars, as well as motorcycles or motor homes.

The pressure washer is a very good way to save money and still keep the vehicle clean in the long run.


The classic application of the high-pressure cleaner is certainly the cleaning of the terrace. Depending on the type of terrace, you should pay attention to the right choice of pressure washer here.

For wooden terraces, you should choose a high-pressure cleaner, which does not work with too high pressure. The aim of the treatment of wooden terraces should be to free them from fungal attack and other discolorations. In this type of processing, even a smaller pressure is sufficient than, for example, when cleaning your floor tiles.

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With the high-pressure cleaner, these discolorations and impurities can be removed effortlessly, without causing damage to the wooden terrace. There are special surface cleaners for cleaning the wooden terrace. These distribute the water more evenly over the floor and are gentler on the surface being cleaned. This protects the wood and no chipping or fibrous wood areas occur.

Surface cleaners are also excellent for cleaning wooden decks, as they do not cause splashing. So you can also use the surface cleaners near windows without hesitation.

The water pressure can usually also be adjusted again with this variant of the high-pressure cleaner. Thus, you can adjust the strength according to your own needs.

To protect the wood from fungal attack and discoloration in the future, it should be specially treated after cleaning. In this case, it is advisable to glaze the wood. Glazing makes the wood more resistant and gives it an additional protective layer. Unlike varnishing, however, the wood retains its natural appearance.


Hochdruckreiniger Asphalt

Has some moss from your lawn once again also deposited on the paths and paving slabs? Do they therefore no longer appear new and fresh, but have taken on a dark tone and simply no longer look nice?

The good thing is, you can change this sight. The paths and paving slabs are basically still presentable and have your original color. All you have to do is remove the layer of dirt on top and the original path will reappear in all its glory.

With the high-pressure cleaner, such paths in poor condition can usually be cleaned without any problems. The high pressure ensures that even in the interstices any weeds, dirt or moss is carried out.

To prevent the paths in your garden from losing their color again in the future, you should use certain cleaning sets to prevent decay. Thus, there are numerous cleaning sets that protect the paving tiles and you should use them for optimal maintenance.

Garden furniture

Of course, the garden furniture can also be freed from dirt and discoloration again with a high-pressure cleaner. Here, the material of the garden furniture does not play a major role. Whether wood or plastic, you can process any materials with a high-pressure cleaner.

Also other garden tools, such as the lawn mower can be cleaned with the pressure washer.

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Here, observe the instructions for use of the garden tools and also pay attention to possible instructions for cleaning by means of a high-pressure cleaner.

In order for the garden furniture and equipment to last for a long time, regular cleaning is recommended so that the dirt does not attack the surface. Before winterizing the garden furniture, a thorough cleaning with the help of the high-pressure cleaner is recommended. This will also save you the time-consuming spring cleaning. So, instead of you removing the remnants of last fall in the spring, you can prepare the garden furniture perfectly before wintering and you will save yourself a lot of work.

Graffiti removal

If you have become a victim of vandalism and notice that your exterior wall is stained with graffiti, you do not have to repaint it directly. Repainting the wall requires a lot of effort and in the worst case you will not get the desired result.

Graffiti can be removed more safely with the help of a high-pressure cleaner and certain solvents. In some cases, graffiti can be removed by the sheer force of water. Additional treatment with solvents is no longer necessary.

So if you discover a graffiti then do not hesitate and try to remove it as soon as possible. The longer the graffiti has time to damage the surface, the more difficult it will be to remove it afterwards.

The right pressure

The pressure washer is suitable for a variety of different applications. You can clean your vehicle as well as floor tiles. However, it is obvious that you will need different pressure washer settings for each surface and cleaning depth.

You will obviously need a higher pressure to clean a floor panel than you would to clean a delicate layer of car paint.

Below you can see a simple rule of thumb for the different application areas

Sensitive surfaces (up to 115 bar, up to 1700 psi).
These surfaces are, for example, the paint layers on vehicles or boats. This pressure should not damage the paint layers.

Wood or light cleaning (up to 200 bar – 2800 psi)
For woodworking, for example fences, a pressure of up to 200 bar can be used. Walkways, which are not too dirty can also be cleaned with this pressure range.

Maximum power (over 200 bar – 2800 psi)
When cleaning heavily soiled areas, the maximum power of the pressure washer is required. For barns, heavily soiled paths, walls, or garage entrances, the highest pressure can be set.

The higher the pressure, the faster the affected areas can be cleaned. However, pay attention to possible restrictions of the surfaces and whether they can withstand the pressure.

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Different attachments

The normal high-pressure cleaner can already be used very versatile due to different pressure settings. Thus, this can be used for paint top coats, as well as for rough work.

Ideally, however, you should also adjust the attachments of the pressure washer. These not only allow for better cleaning quality, but these can also be cleaned faster and safer.

The flat jet nozzle

For the cleaning of terraces, a special surface cleaner was recommended. This is certainly the best choice if you need a pressure washer only to clean your patio. However, if you have a conventional pressure washer, you can also equip it with a flat spray nozzle.

This allows you to work on surfaces better and distribute the pressure more evenly. However, here you will again cause splashing water, so cleaning near windows is not recommended.

The rotary nozzle

In the case of very heavy soiling, it is not always advisable to simply increase the pressure. Often, you could damage the surfaces and not achieve the desired result.

Instead, the use of so-called rotation nozzles is recommended. These rotate constantly under the influence of the water and by changing the water pressure, even stubborn dirt can be removed.

The dirt cutter

You can also combine the advantages of the flat jet nozzle with the high power of the spot jet. With the dirt cutter you can apply high forces relatively gently and clean even so, heavily soiled surfaces.


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