What Is The Purpose Of The Tiller?

The tiller is an important ally in maintaining the soil, reducing the physical effort required during plowing. It is a practical tool that can perform hoeing and weeding in a single pass without using a spade and pickaxe. Comfortable and practical, it allows you to prepare the ground quickly and easily without any strain. This guide will show you the various facets of a tiller.

choisir un motoculteur

What is a tiller?

Often confused with the rotovator, the rotovator is a motorized machine equipped with a gearbox and various accessories such as tiller, plow or mower. It is a multipurpose agricultural machine with two driving wheels, which is used to plow the land.

The tiller is also used to crumble the soil for vegetable gardens or lawns. It is ideal for weeding a garden with ease. Unlike the rotovator, this machine works in depth, and this, on a surface of more than 1000 m².

A rototiller has a two or four-stroke engine, with power ranging from 5 to 8 HP. The user can choose between a diesel or gasoline engine. It is equipped with adjustable handlebars and often has a front counterweight to facilitate maneuvering.

Among the accessories of a rototiller :

  • The rotary hoes: they are part of the basic equipment of a rototiller and allow to aerate, loosen and turn the soil easily.
  • The plow: it is used to dig furrows in the soil and can be single or double blade in the case of a plow barbant. The vineyard plow with tilting blade is optional.
  • The rear flap: very practical and safe, this accessory allows you to protect yourself from projections of various debris.
  • The mower: it allows you to easily remove weeds.
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What are the criteria for choosing a tiller?

The choice of a tiller depends on the area of land you want to work and your needs. However, here are some criteria to consider:

The motorization according to the terrain

  • The choice of a tiller depends essentially on the surface of the land to be worked. Choose a model that is adapted to the surface of your property. A tiller with a 3 HP engine is more than sufficient for areas of less than 1000 m2. On the other hand, for a vegetable garden with an area of between 1000 and 2000 m2, choose a 5 HP model.
  • The number of cutters and the ploughing depth
  • In order to prepare your soil properly, choose a model that corresponds to the depth of plowing you want to do. To do this, check the number of cutters you need, knowing that many models can work to a depth of 15 to 60 meters. In addition, there are models with 6 cutters that are more effective for plowing 50 to 80 cm deep.

Plant protection discs

Available on some tiller models, the plant protection discs protect the edges against false maneuvers. These devices prevent you from unintentionally tearing up plants, which is very practical for landscapers specialized in green spaces.


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