What Is A Tiller?

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The tiller has several important advantages: it allows its users to save time and avoid fatigue and effort when plowing their garden. This device consists of a heat engine, two agrarian wheels whose width and diameter vary from one model to another, adjustable handlebars and a plow (for some models).

In this article, we’ll look at what a tiller is used for and how it can help you.

What Is A Tiller?

To prepare your soil, the tiller is very useful, it allows you to prepare your land for new planting and reduces the physical work due to the turning, aeration and cultivation of the soil.

With the tiller (blades) of your tiller, you can plow, hoe and weed the land to prepare it for planting. The tines also have the advantage of aerating the soil and removing weeds so that the nutrients in the soil are well distributed. Your tiller should be driven over the soil without force. On slight or steep slopes, choose a low speed. If the slope is steep, it is advisable to plow at an angle for greater safety.

Often confused with the rotovator, the rotovator is larger and much heavier. It can be used to attach a wide range of implements such as a plow, a trailer, or a potato harvester. They can be made heavier by putting weights in the wheels and in the front. This device also has the advantage of weeding and forming trenches. So its functions are numerous!

The tiller is most often used by individuals and professional farmers who cultivate their fields, vegetable gardens or very large plots of land (over 1000m2).

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If you have a plot of land of less than 1000m2 and you need to make a garden, a lawn, a vegetable garden or just turn the earth to make a terrace or put a pool, in these cases as much opt for the rotovator which will be easily transportable, easily manageable, less expensive and will do the job amply.


-It may seem like common sense but before using it, it is necessary to equip yourself well (use gloves, long pants, safety shoes, protective glasses).

-Check the width of the machine you are renting and the width of the door it will pass through on the day.

-Also make sure it will fit in your vehicle during transport (if not, opt for a delivery).

-Do not use the tiller if you are tired, have consumed alcoholic beverages or are taking medication.

-Operate the tiller on a day when it is not raining.

-If you must do it when the soil is very dry (like in summer) remember to water thoroughly for at least two to three days beforehand.


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