Why Are There No Nuts On My Walnut Tree?

Why Are There No Nuts On My Walnut Tree?

If walnut trees do not bear fruit, the following factors are often responsible:

  • With walnuts (Juglans regia), defined cultivars such as ‘Bush Almond’, ‘Esterhazy II’, etc. should always be selected or planted, as seedlings (wild plants from dropped nuts) will produce inferior nuts or no nuts at all.
  • Walnuts are monoecious and wind pollinators. Most are self-fertile. In any case, plant a reliable plant such as the old French variety ‘Franquette’ nearby for cross-pollination.
  • Walnuts require a cold period of 500-1000 hours below 7°C to develop nuts.
  • Patience: Often walnuts need many years to even bear the first nuts.

Ripening of walnuts: The fruits ripen in late September to early October. They are ripe when the green fleshy covering bursts open and the nuts fall to the ground. After harvesting, these are freed from the remnants of the outer green covering and washed. They must then be stored in an airy, dry place to prevent mold.

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