Why Lavender Turns Brown: Most Often It Is Due To Improper Care

If the lavender turns brown and dies, there are many possible causes. In most cases, it is care errors, which must be adjusted accordingly. In addition, further treatment of the diseased plant depends on the cause, which you should conscientiously investigate.

Lavendel wird braun

Waterlogging makes lavender turn brown
Most often, lavender turns brown and withers because it has been watered too often or incorrectly. Waterlogging due to excess water in the root zone not draining also causes brown leaves. Lavender is extremely sensitive to moisture and humidity, so waterlogging quickly causes root rot. As a result, the damaged roots can no longer transport sufficient water to the upper parts of the plant, and the plant dries up. By the way, a damp and cool summer can also cause root rot.

What to do in case of root rot?

If the lavender is in danger of dying due to root rot, with a little luck it can still be saved. To do this, however, you will need to dig it up and transplant it or, in the case of potted lavender, move it to fresh substrate. When choosing a new location, pay attention to the soil conditions, because lavender loves sandy and dry soil. If necessary, you can cut the rotten roots.

Too much drought can also lead to brown leaves.
More rare, but also not uncommon, is the withering of lavender due to lack of water. This is especially the case in winter when the weather is sunny and frosty at the same time. The winter sun causes any moisture present to evaporate before the plant can absorb it. With little winter precipitation and plenty of sun, water your lavender moderately if it shows signs of drought. The evergreen plant is dependent on moisture.

Brown spots on Phorma Lavandula.
If you first observe brown, then blackish spots on the leaves of your lavender, it is most likely what is known as lavender death, or lavender dieback. This is a fungal disease caused by the fungus Phorma Lavandula. The disease can be treated only by early removal of the affected areas, otherwise there is no remedy. On the other hand, if the leaves of the lavender turn yellow, then it could be the leaf spot disease.

Tips & Tricks
If the lavender turns brown only on the lower parts of the stems, but not in the higher parts – for example, on the leaves – then it is neither a disease nor care errors. The lavender lignifies, which is a completely normal process for the plant.