Winter Protect Your Camellia On The Balcony

Winter Protect Your Camellia On The Balcony

For young, hardy camellias, a year-round outdoor location is not a problem. Older specimens (if they have previously stood indoors or in the conservatory) are very sensitive to climate changes with leaf fall and the loss of flowers, up to complete death.

Location in summer: partial shade, too sunny places lead to leaf burn and brown spots. A very shady place is enough for the camellia to survive, but afternoon sun is more favorable for the formation of flowers.

Location in winter: In pots at 5°C (+/- 5°C). Plenty of light, but not all-day sun. Planted out in the garden or in a container on the balcony in the shade, preferably near walls and next to shrubs. Short-term temperature minimum depending on the variety -18 ° C or less.

By the way, there is always a possibility that the plants – even outdoor camellias – do not survive the winter outside. This is often not so much due to sub-zero temperatures, but rather to too much or too little watering.

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