5 Basic Plants That Feel Good To Have At Home

Last updated on October 23rd, 2023 at 08:49 pm

Plants are very appreciated for their decorative aspect: wherever they are placed, they bring life and energy. However, they also often have interesting properties that are not necessarily known by everyone. And when there are hundreds of them, it can be difficult to choose one of them. That’s why we propose you today a list of 5 nice plants that do good! This list is not exhaustive and is a good starting point.

1) The rubber

5 Basic Plants That Feel Good To Have At Home

The rubber (or ficus) is like a small tree, but it has all the makings of a big one! It has pretty, bright green leaves often veined with a pretty yellow color and it has a superpower: to chase away the pollution in an interior. It is the sworn enemy of formaldehyde, a volatile polluting molecule found in all homes (furniture, glue, chipboard …). In addition, it is not difficult: it likes anywhere in an interior as long as it has space and that the sun does not hit directly on it.

2) Lavender

5 Basic Plants That Feel Good To Have At Home

5 Basic Plants That Feel Good To Have At Home

Can you smell that little Provencal scent emanating from the delicate purple flowers? It’s characteristic of this plant that pleasantly perfumes an interior with its wafting scent and whose calming, relaxing, anti-lice and anti-migraine properties are appreciated by the whole family. No need to have a huge field, a simple pot will suffice! Be careful never to drown it in stagnant water… it still prefers dryness to that. Besides, you will be able to use it in many ways by throwing some flowers in a well deserved bath or to let infuse in water in the bedroom.

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3) Basil

5 Basic Plants That Feel Good To Have At Home

Head to the Mediterranean basin with olive oil’s soul mate. So yes, its flavor is a must to give dishes a very special aroma, but not only does it delight our taste buds, it also takes care of our immune defenses! Moreover, it can also relieve coughs and fevers… a blessing in this season marked by recurring illnesses. Its linalool also helps reduce stress. If you want to take as much from him as he does from you, you’ll need to keep him warm, very hydrated and exposed to light. Come on, it’s worth it!

4) Aloe vera for healing

5 Basic Plants That Feel Good To Have At Home

It’s a little joy to take care of this plant that doesn’t need much water and that can be grown in the ground or in a pot. It will feel just as at home in a garden as it will in a home. Not far from a window (without being exposed to direct sunlight either), it will bear the heat very well. You will have understood it, it is not a small nature! Its little treasure is the gel hidden inside its stems, which is ultra soothing, moisturizing and anti-inflammatory. We offer you a reminder of the possible uses right here (and again… we didn’t put everything!!!).

5) The monstera deliciosa

5 Basic Plants That Feel Good To Have At Home

Ready to have your own little lush indoor jungle? Opt for this large-leafed plant that has no equal in the fight against indoor pollution such as ammonia or formaldehyde. We won’t hide it: although it is magic against pollution, it is a plant that requires space, stakes to grow healthily (in nature, it grows along trees) and madam doesn’t like the cold too much! It is thus necessary to keep it in a place where the temperatures are lenient (around 20°). Last precision, its sap is irritating for the humans and toxic for the animals… nobody is perfect! To handle with attention…

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