How To Reuse Wastewater From Your Aquarium

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Fish are absolutely fascinating animals and many people have fallen for an aquarium to be able to observe them at will! The problem with aquariums is that, although they are decorative, they need to be supplied with water quite often and this blue gold has to be changed for the well-being of our little scaly animals… a real heartbreak when you think of the precious liters “lost”!

Nevertheless, you can be clever and recover this water. This is a process we have already told you about time and time again for the water used to cook vegetables or pasta. We keep this water aside to use it in many ways. In the case of aquarium water, you can save it for watering plants! Over time, this water gradually becomes richer in phosphorus and nitrogen when in contact with your fish… and this is exactly what you find in ultra-dry liquid fertilizers from garden centers. This is exactly what you will find in the ultra-low cost liquid fertilizers from the garden center. You will be able to give your indoor and outdoor plants a boost without spending a penny more.

How To Reuse Wastewater From Your Aquarium

The little extra trick:

How To Reuse Wastewater From Your Aquarium

It is possible to change the water only in part (1/4 to 1/3 for example) in order to save a little on the water bill while still renewing a part so that your dear fish do not bathe too much in waste. When it comes to the frequency of complete aquarium cleanings and the quantities of water changes, always act according to the needs of your species. Every aquarium is unique!

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