8 Reasons To Use Cover Crops In Your Garden – Plants That Build Soil

Cover crops (Green manure plants) are an amazing thing to use to improve and build the soil in your garden. Today I’ll be showing you the successful cover crops I’ve grown in my food forest garden and talk about some of the amazing benefits of using cover crops in your garden. These plants not only help to build soil and improve soil health, but they suppress weeds, prevent erosion, improve the soil biology, add nutrients, retain moisture in soil and heaps more!

I’ve had a lot of fun growing these nitrogen fixing plants as well as some other types of green manure plants, like peas, mustard, daikon radish, lupin, etc. Whether you want to use these in your vege garden, or anywhere else on your land, this video will give you an idea of how to use cover crops in your garden and what is green manure. I hope you enjoy!