Growing Mamey Sapote From Seed | 0 – 77 Days

Today I’ll be showing you how to grow Mamey Sapotes from seed with updates right through to 2.5 months old. These large, unique, tropical fruits grow well in a tropical and subtropical climate. I live in a temperature climate, but I’m having a go anyway! I’ll be showing you the fresh seeds, how to plant them and what type of soil I’m using. We’ll then see how long they take to sprout and watch them grow. The seeds I have come from a cultivar called Pantin – this variety is grown a lot in South Florida. The fruits are orange with big seeds and are said to have a very unusual taste and are often compared to sweet potato, pumpkin, almond, vanilla and honey – very strange and unusual fruit! Colder temperatures are not their favourite, but they are said to survive to about -1 degrees C or 30 F. These fruit trees are native to Cuba, Central America, southern Costa Rica, Mexico. Mamey sapote are also known as Mamey, Mamey Colorado, zapote colorado and zapote rojo and Pouteria sapota.

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