I Grew Fruit Trees from Store Bought Fruits and this is what happened

Last updated on October 23rd, 2023 at 08:23 pm

Today I’ll be taking you through the whole process of how I grew fruit trees from store bought fruit, including growing some from seed to harvest. I share updates along the way to show you what happened with each type of fruit tree.

We’ll also go over some growing requirements to help you get started with learning how to grow different plants, vines and trees in your garden. I’ve selected 7 store-bought fruits to grow with each one suiting a slightly different climate, so you should find one in here that you can grow in your garden wherever you live in the world. We’ll be growing pomegranates from seeds to fruit, as well as growing goji berry plants (wolf berries), dragon fruit, peanuts, tamarillo, papaya and kiwifruit (kiwi).

I Grew Fruit Trees from Store Bought Fruits and this is what happened

Experimenting with this kind of thing gives you more that just a plant or fruit; it also helps you to learn skills of how to grow different trees from seed, care for plants with different requirements and it can lead to many other skills or passions down the track, like grafting, growing you own food and many other interests. At least it did for me! I hope you find this guide helpful and it inspires you to get out there and grow something 🙂


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