4 Easy Recipes To Make An Effective Anti-mosquito Candle

With the beautiful days, we start dreaming of evenings with our loved ones on the terrace, on our balcony or in our garden. Nevertheless, we know very well that unwanted guests will find a way to crash this little party and spoil the atmosphere. For mosquitoes and tiger mosquitoes, the aperitif is you! It’s impossible to leave without mosquito bites and endless itching…

To repel these harmful biting insects outdoors, chemical insecticide and mosquito netting are useless. It is therefore better to opt for a skin repellent to be sprayed on oneself, an anti-mosquito bracelet, plants with repulsive effects in planters or pots, a formidable trap and of course a myriad of pretty candles! To do this, here are 4 cheap and easy recipes to make a very effective mosquito repellent candle.

All these candles are based on unpleasant odors and repellent against this insect. These repellents will in fact deregulate their nervous system, which will keep mosquitoes away.

1) The small orange mosquito repellent candle

4 Easy Recipes To Make An Effective Anti-mosquito Candle

Don’t have much on hand? Then keep the peel of an orange cut in half! Empty it carefully. Then cut a chimney in the upper part of the peel. Plant a few cloves in it as well. Then slide a tea light into the lower part of the peel. Before lighting it, pour a few drops of citronella essential oil or lemon eucalyptus essential oil on the wax. Just light it and add the lid!

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2) The decorative candle for a pretty table decoration

4 Easy Recipes To Make An Effective Anti-mosquito Candle

Here, you will need to gather several ingredients: floating candles, lemongrass or lemon eucalyptus essential oil, fresh repellent herbs (lavender, peppermint, thyme, basil, rosemary…) and citrus slices. You can opt for lemon, lime and/or orange. To fit all of this in, grab some Mason jars that you can decorate if you like with string, raffia or ribbon. Once you have everything, the process is very simple! First, alternate layers of fresh herbs and citrus (it’s prettier that way). Then you cover with water and add 10 drops of essential oil. Then mix and place the candle on the water. It’s ready to go! Your centerpiece will look great 😉

3) The basic wax mosquito repellent candle

4 Easy Recipes To Make An Effective Anti-mosquito Candle

There’s no shortage of mosquito repellent candle recipes. However, if you don’t feel like breaking your head with lots of natural ingredients, it’s best to keep it simple. In a double boiler, simply melt about 200 g of wax for a 250 ml jar. Let it cool slightly and add 25 drops of lemongrass or lemon eucalyptus essential oil. Place the cotton wick in the container, pour in the wax and let it set.

Optional: For decoration, add a few slices of lemon to slip into the wax!

4) The more complete recipe with repellent essential oils

4 Easy Recipes To Make An Effective Anti-mosquito Candle

-50 g yellow beeswax flakes
-10 ml of vegetable oil of your choice (jojoba, hazelnut…)
-20 drops of essential oil of lemongrass or lemon eucalyptus
-10 drops of rose geranium essential oil
-10 drops of real lavender essential oil
-A container (jam jar, yogurt pot…)
-A cotton wick (+ wick stand)

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We proceed a bit like the previous recipe!

1) Melt the wax in a water bath in its future container. Then when it has melted, add the oil.

2) Out of the fire, add your essential oils. Then mix well.

3) Then place the wick in the wax and keep it straight with a clothespin or wooden chopsticks.

4) Finally, let it harden for a few hours. Your natural repellent is ready to scare away female mosquitoes!

With these recipes, voracious flying insects need not worry! No more need for chemical insecticide sprays to fight mosquitoes and spend a quiet summer without mosquito bites. This will save you from having to use a potentially harmful anti-mosquito bracelet.


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