Are Potato Peels Allowed On The Compost?

With composting, you save on waste fees and get a high-quality fertilizer at the same time. Not every foodstuff is allowed on the compost heap. The following article answers the question whether you can compost potato peels.

The potato peels

The skins of potatoes contain various bitter substances. Since these are edible for adult humans, the bitter substances are not a problem in compost and fertilizer. You can dispose of raw vegetable and fruit scraps from the kitchen in the compost pile or composter. Even though, strictly speaking, the potato is neither a fruit nor a vegetable, it fits in wonderfully with the fruit and vegetable peelings.

Note: Not all potatoes are suitable for composting. If the crop has rot on the haulm or tubers, you should dispose of them elsewhere.

Good mixture

A good mixture is necessary for successful composting. Diverse nutrients and different waste residues should therefore be in the compost. If you compost only potato peelings, you will not use the full potential of a high-quality fertilizer. In addition, the compost pile should not be too moist or too dry. The following wastes will make an efficient, nutrient-rich mix:

  • raw kitchen waste
  • shredded wood waste
  • flower waste in small quantities
  • tar residues and coffee grounds
  • newspaper in small quantities

It is important to have a balanced ratio between dry and moist material. Then the compost becomes a high-quality fertilizer, which you can use in many ways:

  • Plant fertilizer
  • Soil fertilizer
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Frequently asked questions

What are alternatives to composting the skins?

The peels of potatoes perform a variety of functions. As a healing agent, the juice from the peels can relieve pain. In addition, the peels are an effective cleaning agent that removes various stains. As an oven lighter or delicious seasoned chips, potato peels can enrich the household. If these functions are out of the question, just throw the peels in the compost pile.

What doesn't belong in the compost?

Composting potato peels is not a problem. This is not true for all food scraps. Animal food scraps such as meat are not suitable for composting. Fatty and oily foods may attract rats. The same is true for pet droppings, barbecue charcoal or sprayed flowers.

Is the potato peel toxic for compost?

The toxicity of the bitter substances it contains depends on body weight. Cooking cannot harm the heat-resistant bitter substances. Moreover, the human body does not break them down. While the bitter content is harmless to most adults, small children may suffer harm. If in doubt, you should rather remove the peel

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