Can I Bury My Pet In My Garden?

Last updated on October 23rd, 2023 at 08:28 pm

Are your pets also family members for you, which you mourn at their death and for which you want an appropriate final resting place? We explain what rules apply to pet burial in your own backyard.

In principle, rendering plants are responsible for the safe disposal of animal carcasses. Pets that are euthanized at the veterinarian and whose remains are not taken home by their owners end up there. However, up to a certain weight limit, it is permissible to bury the pet in your own backyard.

Can I Bury My Pet In My Garden?

The Animal Disposal Act regulates what happens to pets and farm animals after they die. According to this law, you are allowed to dispose of small pets up to the size of a rabbit in the residual waste, but very few pet owners will have the heart to simply throw away their beloved pet.

The property where you want to bury your pet belongs to you. Otherwise, you will need permission from the landowner.
The plot is not located in a water or nature reserve.
The burial site is at least six feet from the nearest public way.
There is at least 50 centimeters between the ground surface and the animal’s body.

Can I Bury My Pet In My Garden?

Illegal animal burial: High fines threaten!

In the same way, it is forbidden to bury pets in or near the forest or in other public areas. A violation is a misdemeanor and can be severely punished: You could face a fine of up to 15,000 euros if you choose an area outside your own property to bury your pet.

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The situation is different if you choose cremation for your pet: You may scatter the ashes in woods and fields, and even over rivers, lakes, and the ocean. Cremation for pets costs between 100 and 350 euros, plus the cost of the urn. In this range are also the costs for a burial in the pet cemetery, where you pay plus still a grave rent.

Pet burial

If you bury your pet in the garden, the burial can be completely customized to your needs. However, be sure not to bury the pet in plastics, but in materials that rot easily. For example, you can wrap the pet for burial in a wool blanket without synthetic fibers. A soft terrycloth towel or delicate tissue paper also work well.

Dig the grave sufficiently deep before burying the pet. Then cover the pet’s grave with soil again. A few stones on the mound can prevent wild animals from digging up the grave. You have complete freedom in grave design.

Have pet stuffed

An unusual alternative to pet burial is stuffing. The cost for a medium-sized dog in this case is between 500 and 600 euros, depending on the size of the animal and taxidermist, these prices may vary.

A particularly noble remembrance of your beloved pet is a diamond made from the ashes of the animal. Various manufacturers offer a wide range of clarity, cut and color with costs starting around 1500 Euros.


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