Fox In The Garden: What You Should Do

A fox in the garden is not uncommon, because the wild animals also conquer human settlement areas. Here you can find out how you should behave.

More and more often, people see a fox in their garden. As so-called cultural successors, foxes are spreading further and further into human settlement areas. Because where humans live, they find countless food sources. Foxes are omnivores and therefore not choosy: In addition to small animals such as mice, rats or insects, they also find cat or dog food and frequently help themselves to garbage cans. In addition, foxes are not hunted in residential areas as they are in forests.

Many people are unsettled by animal visitors, although peaceful coexistence is possible. What you should know if you see a fox in your garden and how to behave properly, you can read here.

Is a fox in the garden dangerous?

Ein Fuchs im Garten stellt für den Menschen keine Gefahr dar.

A fox in the garden offers a good opportunity to observe the fascinating animals at close range. There is no reason to be afraid: the animals are rather shy and avoid direct contact with people and their animal companions. In addition, foxes are generally not aggressive, but of course you should still treat the animals with respect.

To minimize potential dangers from foxes, there are some tips you should follow when dealing with the wild animals:


In the eighties, rabies in foxes was successfully controlled with food baits. Since then, Europe is largely considered free of rabies, according to Nabu. In recent years, foxes have hardly ever transmitted the disease to humans.
Nevertheless, you should keep in mind that a fox is a wild animal. Always keep a safe distance even from very tame foxes.
If you are bitten by a fox, you should still seek medical advice to be on the safe side.

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Fox tapeworm:

The danger from fox tapeworm is also often overestimated. Especially in urban areas, this hardly plays a role. According to Nabu, you should still pay attention to this in order to minimize the risk:

Never attack dead foxes directly. Always use gloves or contact a wildlife organization.
Wash fruits and vegetables from the garden thoroughly. If you have frequently seen foxes in your garden, you can also heat the food to about 60 degrees to kill the germs.
Deworm your pets regularly and be sure to wash your hands after contact with animals.

What to do if there is a fox in the garden?

Eine friedliche Nachbarschaft mit einem Fuchs im Garten ist möglich.

If you see a fox in the garden, this is basically no problem. So nothing stands in the way of a peaceful neighborhood. To avoid attracting more foxes, follow these tips:

Clear away open food sources such as food for your pets, birdseed or food scraps. This is especially important at night.
Eliminate accessible trash cans for animals.

Shoes also make tempting toys, especially for young animals.

Fences or other barriers do not protect your garden from foxes. The clever animals overcome such hurdles playfully. If you do not feel comfortable with the animal neighbors, you can peacefully drive them away:

Foxes are very sensitive to light and noise. You can keep the animals away with a lamp with motion detector or a radio.
If you see a fox making a burrow, you can disturb it and spill the entrance. Then the animal will look for a new place. But be careful: while foxes are raising their young, it is forbidden to disturb the wild animals.

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If you have found an injured fox in your garden, you should definitely contact a wildlife rescue center or a veterinarian in your area.


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