Chervil: Choosing The Best Planting Location

Chervil, which is visually very similar to parsley and cilantro, differs from these herbs in many respects. For example, there is his preference in terms of location…

Chervil: Choosing The Best Planting Location

Well kept – in partial shade
Chervil prefers to grow in a partial shade location. Grow it ideally in a sheltered position . It makes the following demands on the soil:

  • deep
  • rich in humus and nutrients
  • loose
  • evenly moist

Caution: Chervil prefers to grow in moist soil. However, waterlogging damages its fine root system. On the other hand, dryness challenges it. Especially if you keep chervil in a pot, you should regularly check the moisture content of the soil with the ‘finger test’.

Tips & Tricks
Already at sowing, it is recommended to put the seeds of chervil in a soil enriched with compost.


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