When The Parsley Does Not Want To Grow: What To Do?

Many gardeners complain that the parsley with them simply does not grow. The seeds do not germinate or germinate very slowly, the plant cares for itself or even dies. For parsley to thrive, it needs a good location and proper care.

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Why parsley does not grow?

  • Wrong location
  • Depleted soil
  • Waterlogging
  • Fungal diseases in the soil
  • Care mistakes

Finding the right location
The most important point when planting parsley is the right location. It must not be dark or directly in the sun.

Special importance has the rotation of crops. Parsley is highly incompatible with itself and other umbellifers. On the parsley bed you must not have previously grown other umbellifers at least three, and even better – four years.

Soil has too little nutrients
Parsley cannot thrive in a depleted soil. Enrich it with mature compost, horn shavings ($26.00 at Amazon*) or horn meal before planting.

Give an occasional organic fertilizer, but it should never be fresh.

Prevent waterlogging

Parsley is particularly sensitive to waterlogging.

Before planting, loosen the soil deeply and remove all soil thickening. This will allow rainwater or irrigation water to drain away more easily.

Fungal spores and soil organisms lurk in the soil
Often parsley is ailing because it is infested with soil pests and aphids or because fungal spores are causing it trouble. You can recognize this by the white spots and coatings on the leaves. In this case, cutting or removing the plant is usually the only solution.

Proper care of parsley
In most cases, parsley is kept too moist. Water even sparingly and only when the soil surface is dry. However, do not allow the plant to dry out completely.

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For parsley in a pot, provide large drainage holes and replace the soil if the plant does not want to thrive.

Place the parsley pot in a bright location but not directly behind a pane of glass.

Tips & Tricks
Because parsley is often so reluctant to sprout and grow, you should sow plenty of parsley. In larger gardens, it may also be worthwhile to grow parsley in several places. This increases the likelihood that you will find a really good location.


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