Cutting Curry Herb – Tips And Tricks

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The very decorative curryweed (bot. Helichrysum italicum) is also commercially available as immortelle or Italian strawflower. It originates from the Mediterranean region and is related to our immortelle. Similar to the latter, it can be cut well for dry bouquets.


What should I pay attention to when cutting?

Curryweed sprouts poorly or not at all from the woody shoots. Therefore, you should always cut slightly above the woody shoots. There, the herb is still soft and can easily sprout again and branch out. It is best to always cut whole shoots, not just the tips, so the shrub remains in a harmonious shape.

Cutting Curry Herb - Tips And Tricks

Cuttings cut

If you like to propagate your curry cabbage, you can do it by sowing seeds, but you can also do it by cutting. Cut some still soft, non-woody shoots without flowers (buds) from your curryweed in spring or early summer. Then put the shoots in a pot that you have filled with a mixture of growing soil and sand.

How can I store curry cabbage?

Freshly cut curry cabbage spoils quite quickly. Therefore, it should be processed immediately if possible. In the refrigerator, you can store it wrapped in a damp cloth for one to two days. For a longer storage period, drying, pickling or freezing is recommended. However, you should keep in mind that the aroma suffers greatly, especially when dried.

How to use curry herb?
The relatively low-maintenance curry herb can be used for insect repellent as well as for decoration or cooking. In terms of taste, it goes well with lamb dishes or hearty stews. Even though it is not poisonous, the herb should not be eaten but removed from the dish before consumption.

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When to cut curry herb?
Depending on how you plan to use the curry herb, the ideal time to cut it varies greatly. If you want to cook with the herb, it is best to cut it just before flowering, when the aroma is particularly intense.

In a dry bouquet, the yellow flowers come out well in combination with the silvery leaves. It is best to cut the shoots when the flowers are slightly open. After all, the aroma does not matter in this case. If you want to use the curry herb for insect repellent, then cut before flowering, then the content of essential oils is higher.

The most important facts in brief:

  • woody semi-shrub
  • not poisonous
  • pruning in the soft part of the shoot promotes branching
  • sprouts from the wood only with difficulty or not at all
  • topiary possible
  • harvesting can replace special pruning

Avoid pruning your curryweed back to the firm wood, it will then sprout poorly or not at all.


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