Is The Curry Cabbage Hardy?

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The curry herb originates from the Mediterranean region and is not hardy. In the trade you will also find it as curry bush, immortelle or Italian strawflower. It is not included in the spice powder of the same name, but tastes quite similar.


Can I harvest curry herb even in winter?
If your curry herb is in the garden, then it is essential to bring it into winter quarters for further use, even though it can tolerate somewhat more cold than other Mediterranean herbs. Ideally, you should overwinter your curry herb at about + 10 °C.

Is The Curry Cabbage Hardy?

This temperature is, for example, in an unheated greenhouse or a cool winter garden. There you can then also harvest from your curry cabbage throughout the winter. However, it should also be relatively bright in the winter quarters, a dark basement room does not like the curry cabbage.

How do I care for curry cabbage in winter?

In the garden, curry cabbage can actually only overwinter if it is frost-free and not too wet there. You can protect the herb from frost, at least in the short term, with the help of a well-laid frost shelter, but it needs minimal care even in winter.

Every now and then you should water your curry herb so that it does not die of thirst. As an evergreen plant, it relies on a year-round supply of water. However, the herb must not get too wet, because it does not tolerate waterlogging. It does not need fertilizer at all in winter, it generally has a rather low nutrient requirement.

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How do I prepare curry cabbage for the winter?

If you want your curry cabbage to overwinter outside in a sheltered location in a mild area, protect the root ball from frost with a thick layer of leaves and brushwood, but also from excessive moisture. You can wrap the above-ground parts of the plant with a bamboo or straw mat. However, it is essential that the plant still gets enough air.

It is best not to cut back the curryweed in the fall, then in the spring remove any frostbitten shoot tips. Only if the shrub is too large for the planned winter quarters, you can also prune it in autumn, but not to the wood. Only from the soft shoots can the curryweed sprout again well.

The most important things in a nutshell:

  • not hardy
  • ideally overwinter at about + 10 °C
  • good winter quarters: cool winter garden or frost-free greenhouse
  • evergreen
  • can also be harvested in winter
  • avoid waterlogging all year round
  • water from time to time even in winter, but do not fertilize
  • it is better to cut back in spring than in autumn

It is best to overwinter your curry cabbage in a frost-free greenhouse or an unheated winter garden.


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