Can I Winter Proof Curry Cabbage?

The easy-care curry herb is quite considered perennial. The semi-shrub originally comes from the Mediterranean region and prefers an appropriate climate. With good care, you can enjoy many years of pleasantly fragrant herb with silvery leaves.


How much frost can curry cabbage tolerate?

Curry cabbage can be called at least conditionally hardy, because it can tolerate cold up to about – 10 °C. However, this refers only to older plants. Young curry cabbage is very sensitive to frost. Therefore, it should not be planted in the garden before the Ice Saints.

Where and how best to overwinter curry cabbage?

The easy-care curry cabbage needs rather little water and also few nutrients throughout the year. Therefore, it should not be fertilized, especially not in winter. Older plants may need a little fertilizer in the spring. Watering curry cabbage is little to moderate. It should not dry out, but tolerates wetness extremely poorly.

The best way to get your curry herb through the winter is to overwinter it frost-free at about + 10 °C in a bright place. Then you can often harvest the herb well into the winter. In darkness and/or excessive heat, yellow shoots (thin, long, feeble shoots with few or no leaves) can easily form.

The most important facts in brief:

  • older plants conditionally hardy
  • young plants very sensitive to frost
  • tolerates frost to about – 10 °C
  • ideal temperature for overwintering: around + 10 °C
  • Water rather little throughout the year
  • do not fertilize in winter

If you live in a harsh area, then overwinter your curry cabbage to be on the safe side rather frost-free and bright.

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