Do Garden Water Meters Help Save Money?

Plants in the garden need to be watered regularly by property owners. This increases water consumption. Some people can benefit from a garden water meter. What they need to know about it.

Anyone who wants to keep an eye on their water consumption when watering plants can think about a garden water meter.

Save costs on wastewater

In most cases, utilities do not measure wastewater. It appears on the bill for the same amount as drinking water. But the water used in the garden seeps into the ground and does not cause wastewater, so garden owners may be able to save money here.

The water supply is regulated very differently at local level. Garden owners should ask their local authority or water supplier whether and under what conditions a garden water meter is permitted. It is conceivable, for example, that a specialist company must install it.

Calculate costs and effort individually

Ultimately, you have to calculate the costs and effort exactly and see in each individual case whether the installation is worthwhile. Especially since the prices for wastewater can vary greatly locally. Differences of up to 3 dollars per cubic meter are not uncommon, according to VWE.


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