Do Not Pour Potato Water Down The Drain: These Are Its Great Uses

Last updated on October 23rd, 2023 at 08:50 pm

When boiling potatoes, you usually pour away the water. But wait – the broth is still versatile in the household and garden.

French fries, gratin or mashed: potatoes are one of the most versatile vegetables and, above all, it’s hard to imagine cuisine without them.

Do not dump potato water: its is great for fertilizing plants.

Do Not Pour Potato Water Down The Drain: These Are Its Great Uses

Potato water usually ends up directly in the drain after the tuber is cooked. However, similar to pasta or bean water, potato water is also versatile due to the starch present. Especially plants in the garden or indoors can benefit.

This is because potato water contains important minerals such as magnesium, iron and phosphorus. Not only does the human body find this super, but it also serves as a natural fertilizer for plants. The potato water must be well cooled for this, as Utopia reports. Then it can also help against aphids. But be careful: the potato water should not be salted – because plants do not like that at all.

Use potato water as a weed killer and cleaning agent in the household.

Speaking of plants. For some, potato water does good, for others it does not. If you want to get rid of your weeds, you can pour the potato water on the unpopular undergrowth while it is still boiling hot. The heat of the water ensures the destruction of the superficial weeds. After that, only the roots need to be removed.

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If there is still potato water left, you can even clean the kitchen with the decoction. Frying pans and plastic surfaces become particularly clean with the warm potato water. To do this, simply dip a sponge into the potato water, rinse off the dirty dishes and then rinse with clear water to remove any starch residue – and the kitchen will sparkle and shine. Potato water can also work wonders for a clogged drain. Simply pour the water down the drain as hot as possible.

Baking bread with potato flavor: Simply add the cooking water to it

If you’re cooking anyway, you can then continue cooking directly with the potato water. This is because the starchy water is ideal for thickening soups or sauces. Simply stir it in and the flavor becomes more intense.


When baking bread, the potato water is suitable to give the baked a certain potato flavor. To do this, simply replace the water in the recipe with the potato water. You don’t have to worry about the toxic plant substance solanine, which is found in potatoes. This is because most of the substance is in the skin – so the potatoes should be well peeled.


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