Does Bamboo Need To Be Cut?

Bamboo does not really require pruning (except for dwarf garden).

However, in the spring, remove all broken, frost-damaged or discolored culms at the base. Also, in upright growing species, the culms become unsightly after about 5 years and must be cut out for that reason alone. You can pluck off dried and discolored leaves at any time.

Does Bamboo Need To Be Cut?

The main growth period of bamboo is between May and August. During this time the culm grows to its full height. First the bamboo culm is pushed to its final height, only then the branches and leaves unfold. The time of budding is variable depending on the variety.

Thinning out provides more vitality

If the canopy has become too dense and tall, thin it out in spring or late summer to allow air and light to reach the center. Most bamboo species can also be rejuvenated; to do this, cut back one-third of the culms to the ground.

When you thin out and fertilize your bamboo, it gets more air, light and nutrients and automatically becomes nice and dense and compact again.

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