How To Propagate Euonymus As A Cutting

How To Propagate Euonymus As A Cutting
Creeping spindles can be easily propagated by cuttings

Creeping spindle bush (Euonymus fortunei) is very well propagated by cuttings: The cuttings are taken from the semi-mature wood, branches that are just beginning to lignify, and cut straight. They should be about 0.3 to 0.6 cm in diameter and 10 to 15 cm long. Before planting, the lower “leaflets” are removed. The cuttings are now placed vertically in a moist peat and sand mixture. Then cover them with foil so that the substrate does not dry out.

Now you need patience: It can take a few weeks until roots have formed. To speed up root formation, you can dip the bottom end of the cutting in rooting hormone (powder, available in specialty stores). Once roots have formed, the plantlet is repotted in permeable substrate and placed in a warm, bright location. If the plant has developed well, it can be given a sunny and slightly moist location in the garden.

Our tip: The principle of propagating cuttings applies to many plants. For example, boxwood can be propagated in this way, but also shoots of summer flowers such as geraniums. Just try out what can be rooted.

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