Driving Rabbits Out Of The Garden: 3 Methods

Rabbits or wild rabbits penetrate more and more frequently into our gardens and become there fast the plague. Getting rid of them is not so easy. However, there are safe methods to get rid of rabbits from the garden.

  • Rabbits can cause considerable damage in a garden
  • Therefore, they should be fought with gentle methods
  • Killing or poisoning the animals should not be an option
  • Suitable repellents are organic materials, wire or fencing, and dog hair.
  • Our recommendation: a homemade solution with hot sauce

Wild rabbit invasion

Rabbits are undoubtedly cute animals. They are a joy to watch hopping and romping around the garden. But make no mistake: They are by no means harmless pets. Rather, they are and remain wild animals. in most gardens, they see nothing but a lavishly laid table. Even after just a single invasion by the animals, a garden can look like a battlefield afterwards – partly because they take great pleasure in scratching and digging and eat just about everything that appears edible to them. Prevention and, if necessary, defense are therefore necessary to protect the lovingly tended garden from devastation. For this purpose, there are a number of measures that do not harm the animals, but are still very effective.

Hase im Garten

Note: Anyone who is not a hunter and has a hunting license is not allowed to shoot or otherwise kill wild animals in their backyard. This can have criminal consequences and is usually punishable by a fine.

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Scenting rabbits

Rabbits can be deterred from entering the garden with certain scents. For example, a home-made solution containing a particularly pungent sauce is highly recommended. Here’s how to do it:

  • fill a sealable container with about four liters of warm water
  • add about 15 milliliters (one tablespoon) of dishwashing liquid
  • add about 20 milliliters of hot sauce (for example, Tabasco)
  • Close the container and shake well
  • Place the container in direct sunlight for a few hours.

The direct sunlight causes the repellent, i.e. the sauce, to dissolve better in the water. Afterwards, the solution is simply transferred to a spray bottle and sprayed mainly at the entrances to the property. It makes sense to spray certain plants (leaves) that wild rabbits eat directly. The process must be repeated over several days.

Tip: Since the animals are especially active at dusk and at night, it is advisable to carry out the spraying action daily in the early evening.

Free-roaming pets

The second method is also based on the fact that the animals are deterred by certain scents. Especially the scent of their predators naturally has a very deterrent effect on them. Meanwhile there are for example urine solutions of foxes in the specialized trade to buy. The solution is then simply mixed with water and sprayed with a spray bottle, especially at the entrances. Dog hair can also have a similar effect. Anyone who has a dog should therefore collect the hair that is released during combing and then distribute it in clumps on the property. Whether urine or hair – the procedures must be repeated regularly so that the effect does not diminish.

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Prevention instead of expulsion

Of course, the safest thing to do is to prevent rabbits from entering the garden in the first place. Consequently, one does well to close all possible access points more or less well. The rule is:

  • It is essential to enclose the property with a close-meshed fence.
  • keep a minimum height of 60 centimeters, 100 centimeters are better
  • if there are any openings, secure them additionally with a close-meshed wire mesh
  • regularly check fences for possible damage
  • possibly combine with the scent measures

Frequently asked questions

Does the sauce solution harm animals or plants?

No. Only organic material is used, which poses no danger to plants or animals.

Can the defense measures be dispensed with at some point?

In all probability not – at least not permanently. Since new rabbit populations are always growing, new repellents are always needed. However, this is usually only necessary in spring and summer.

What to think about chemical repellents?

Chemicals in the garden should be largely avoided for environmental reasons.


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