Edger: The Essential Tool For Your Garden

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Edger: The Essential Tool For Your Garden

Having a garden is wonderful: you can spend hours in it without worry, have lunch or dinner outdoors, cultivate a passion for plants, entertain the kids and, why not, the dog. But that said, it’s all too idyllic. The truth is that the garden also involves a lot of work, requires constant maintenance: the plants must be cared for and the grass must be mowed.

The lawnmower alone is not enough. Of course, it is essential to mow the lawn regularly. You can use either combustion engine models or battery powered models. But regardless of their features, there will always be the problem of mowing the grass in difficult places like corners and edges where a lawn mower will never get to.

Edger: The Essential Tool For Your Garden

This is where the best battery powered rotary mower comes in, this tool is used to do finishing work, useful and important for the beauty and health of the lawn.

For example, weeds often grow at the base of the exterior wall of the house, near a gate and in places like this. To prevent the weeds from becoming a forest, you must intervene quickly with a rotofil, also called an edger.

The trimmer does not necessarily have to be battery powered, there are models with a combustion engine or electric motor that require a power outlet. However, battery powered models are suitable for those who are looking for something light and do not want to be restricted in their movements by an electric cable.

Battery trimmers are particularly suitable for small gardens because the battery allows the electric motor to run for only 25-35 minutes, after which the tool must be put away and waited for a recharge. The recharging operation takes about 2-3 hours, and the time depends on the model, the power of the motor and the capacity of the battery. This type of tool works thanks to a hard plastic wire that, when turning, cuts the blades of grass very cleanly. It is obviously important to use a grass trimmer only to shorten the length of the grass and to avoid encountering rocks, stones or plants with stems that are too rigid and strong, which could damage the wire and the device itself.

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Why use a cordless trimmer?

There are various models on the market; they are usually equipped with a thermal or electric motor, and battery-powered trimmers represent a small part of the market. The main drawback is the short battery life, but in the case of a small garden, they can be the ideal choice. First of all, the electric motor is very quiet, especially compared to a combustion engine. If you live in the city, or if you only have time to garden on weekends, using an electric motor tool will allow you to not disturb your neighbors, while working impeccably and effortlessly. But the common electric models must be connected to the domestic power grid, by a long wire; the electric cable is certainly an obstacle when cleaning the garden, and the battery helps a lot in this regard.

How to use a battery-powered rotary tiller

This is an easy tool to use; however, it is good to follow a few small precautions to avoid damaging the garden or damaging the tool. Consider that the wire that cuts the grass must always be kept at a regular height, about 5 cm from the ground and completely parallel to the grass: only in this way will you obtain well finished edges, without marks and without causing tears in the grass. The movement should be circular and slow, so that the wire can touch all the blades of grass that it must shorten. These tools are designed to cut grass, possibly small plants: avoid using it for weeds with thick and stiff stems.

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Some suggestions for your safety

The wire of the trimmer turns very quickly, if it hits your legs, it may cause you a little pain, but not serious damage; in any case, avoid using this tool to “play”: garden tools should be used with caution. To avoid accidental damage, remember to wear heavy gloves and a pair of boots, possibly safety shoes. Since the machine can propel cutting debris or stones, it is advisable to wear protective glasses to prevent small stones or grass clippings from reaching your eyes. Don’t forget to put the battery in the charger after you’ve finished working in the garden, so you’ll find the tool ready the next time you need it.


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