Grow Parsley Yourself – How To Succeed In Cultivation!

Grow parsley in the garden yourself is not very simple. A little flair and careful care are necessary for the herb to thrive. Once you have found an optimal location for growing, you can hardly save yourself from fresh parsley.

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Optimal conditions for growing parsley.

  • Pre-growing on a window sill or balcony
  • Direct sowing in August
  • Bright location without direct sun
  • Observe crop rotation
  • Loosen soil deeply
  • Keep free of weeds
  • Water regularly but moderately
  • Fertilize occasionally

The right location
Parsley belongs to the umbelliferous family. It does not get along with itself and with other members of the plant family.

Therefore, sow or plant parsley only where no parsley or other umbelliferous plants have stood for at least three years before.

The soil must be deeply loosened, so that in any case can not form waterlogging. If you grow the plant in too moist soil, it will not grow and quickly die.

Sowing parsley

Grow parsley for the balcony or garden by first preplanting the seed on the windowsill or sowing it directly in the open ground in spring or August.

Parsley is a dark seedling that takes a long time for the first plantlets to appear. By no means all seeds sprout.

When sowing outdoors, use radish as a marker seed to help you tend the rows.

Care for parsley

Parsley likes a slightly moist but definitely not wet soil. Therefore, always water only when the soil surface has dried.

Be careful with fertilizing. Never use fresh organic fertilizer. If the soil is well prepared, you will need to fertilize very little in the open ground.

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To grow healthy parsley, plant it as a mixed crop with onions, tomatoes or strawberries. Marigolds are also suitable as neighbors, providing good soil health.

Tips & Tricks
The best time to harvest parsley from the garden is early morning, when the morning dew has dried. This is when the herbs are most aromatic. Harvest only as much parsley as you can consume right away, as the leaves do not keep long


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