Propagate Parsley – How To Do It?

Like all umbelliferous plants, parsley is propagated by seed. Seeds are obtained by plucking them from the plant after flowering, or you can simply buy a bag of ready-made seed. The same applies to parsley roots, which are also grown from seed.

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Propagate parsley by seed

Parsley flowers in the second year in June and July. The inflorescences are fertilized by insects and can be picked when they are ripe.

The maturity of the seeds can be recognized by the fact that the seeds become very dark and come out of the flower almost by themselves.

You tear out the mother plant after harvesting the seeds and compost them. You should not use parsley leaves in cooking after flowering, as they contain too much apiol.

Dry seeds
Let the collected parsley seed dry in an airy place for a few days for propagation.

Then place the seeds in a paper bag or, even better, a bag made of parchment paper. Store the bag in a dry, not too warm place.

Parsley seeds will keep for up to three years.

Attention: Parsley seed is poisonous
If you have harvested seed from your parsley plants, you should save it carefully. Under no circumstances should it be within the reach of children or pets.

The seed contains high concentrations of toxic apiol, an essential oil that causes very severe discomfort from contractions of the digestive organs and uterus.

Sowing parsley
You can sow parsley in several ways:

  • From February on windowsill.
  • From March in the open field
  • From August in the open ground
  • If you want to cultivate your parsley on the balcony or windowsill, choose the earliest possible sowing under favorable conditions.
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It is better to sow parsley for the open ground only in August. Then you will have fewer problems with pests and diseases later.

Tips & Tricks
For people who are short on time, garden supply stores offer ready-made parsley seed pots. Here the seeds are already sown at the right distance in suitable growing soil. All you need to do is water according to instructions and be patient. Within a few weeks, the first tips will appear and you can soon harvest fresh parsley from the windowsill or balcony.


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