Growing Calla From Seed Guide

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To say in advance: to grow calla from seed is laborious. Above all, it takes several years before the plants grown in this way form the first flowers. Sowing indoor calla is worth it only if they are particularly beautiful, otherwise unavailable varieties.

Calla aussäen

Grow calla from seed

  • Cut off seed stalks
  • Hang to dry
  • Shake out seeds
  • Store in a dry and dark place until spring
  • Sow from January

Harvest seeds yourself or buy them

Growing Calla From Seed Guide

Germinable seeds can be obtained from the flower of your indoor calla only if it was also pollinated. Either take a brush for this purpose, or leave the flowering calla on the terrace for some time.

Inside the colored bracts, often called a flower, the seeds are on a small cob.

When the flower has bloomed, cut off the cob and hang or place it in a dry place. The small seeds, round or egg-shaped depending on the variety, can then be easily shaken out and stored in a dark place until ready to sow.

Buy or exchange seeds in specialized shops
Seeds for the indoor calla can also be purchased at garden specialty stores. Here you can be sure that the seeds will actually germinate.

Among flower lovers, there are swap circles where members trade seeds for particularly beautiful houseplants.

Sow calla

Prepare a planting tray with very clean growing soil. Sow the seed as thinly as possible and sprinkle some soil over it. Place the planting tray in a 20-22 degree location and keep it nice and moist.

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It will take quite some time for the first seedlings to appear. Once they are big enough, separate them and plant them in their own small pots. Make sure the soil is free of bacteria and fungal spores.

Even though indoor calla grown from seed will not form flowers for the first few years, you will need to keep them nice and moist until August and allow them to dry out during the subsequent rest period.

Tips & Tricks

Instead of growing your favorite calla from seed, you can propagate it by dividing the tubers. This requires much less effort and the new plants usually bloom the following year.


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