The Seeds Of The Desert Rose: Characteristics, Procurement And Sowing

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The seeds of rootless desert roses produce as plants gnarled and rustic habit. According to them, most fans of this plant. But what do the seeds actually look like? When do they ripen and how to sow them properly?

Wüstenrose Aussaat

Seed characteristics
In contrast to the extraordinary growth and colorful flowers, the seeds of the desert rose are rather inconspicuous. They are:

The Seeds Of The Desert Rose: Characteristics, Procurement And Sowing

light gray to ocher
about 1 cm long
good germination

From their own harvest or buy in specialized stores
You already own a desert rose? Then you can use the seeds from your own harvest. After the flowering period is over around the middle/end of June, the seeds ripen. Usually the capsules containing the seeds are ripe in July and at the latest in August. When maturity is reached, the capsules burst and release their contained seeds.

Those who do not yet have their own desert rose, you can buy the seeds in specialized stores. But be careful: trust only good quality! Otherwise, you may get overstocked and thus poorly germinable seeds. In general, the fresher the seeds, the better their germination capacity.

Sowing the seeds correctly
Grow the desert rose from seed? With this little guide, the cultivation will definitely work:

Time: possible all year round, but best in the spring from March.
Use seed trays or small pots
Fill the seed pot with soil for planting
scatter seeds or sow in planting holes of maximum 1 cm depth
keep slightly moist
If you have placed the sowing container in a warm place – 20 to 25 °C is ideal – and kept the substrate moderately moist, with luck the seeds will germinate within a few days.

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Usually the last seeds germinated within 10 days. Only in rare cases germination takes up to 3 weeks. From a size of 10 cm, the seedlings can be repotted.


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