Harvesting Feijoas & Tamarillos.

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Harvesting feijoas and tamarillos requires timing and care to ensure you pick them at their peak of ripeness. Here’s how to harvest these fruits:

Harvesting Feijoas:

  1. Timing: Feijoas are typically harvested in the late summer or early fall, depending on the region. The fruit is ripe when it drops to the ground or comes off the tree easily when given a gentle twist. You can also pick them when they have a slight give when gently pressed. Do not wait until they are too soft, as they may become overripe.
  2. Use a Basket: Use a basket or container to collect the fallen feijoas or gently twist them off the tree. Be careful not to bruise or damage the fruit during harvesting.
  3. Rinse and Dry: After harvesting, rinse the feijoas to remove any dirt or debris. Allow them to air dry before storing or using.
  4. Storage: Feijoas can be stored in the refrigerator for up to a few weeks. If you have a large harvest, you can also peel and freeze them for use in smoothies and baked goods.

Harvesting Tamarillos:

  1. Timing: Tamarillos are typically harvested in late summer or early fall. They are ready to be picked when they are fully colored and have a slight give when gently squeezed. Ripe tamarillos should be firm but not too hard or too soft.
  2. Use Pruning Shears or Scissors: Tamarillos are usually not pulled off the tree, as this can damage the branches. Instead, use pruning shears or scissors to snip the fruit from the tree. Leave a small piece of stem attached to the fruit.
  3. Wash and Dry: Rinse the harvested tamarillos to remove any dirt or residue. Allow them to air dry.
  4. Storage: Store tamarillos at room temperature until they fully ripen. Once they are ripe, you can transfer them to the refrigerator to extend their shelf life for a few weeks.
  5. Peeling: Tamarillos have edible skins, but some people prefer to peel them before eating or using in recipes. To peel, cut a small cross at the base of the fruit, immerse them in boiling water for a minute or so, and then transfer them to cold water. The skin should now easily peel off.
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Both feijoas and tamarillos are delicious fruits with unique flavors. By harvesting them at the right time and following these steps, you can enjoy them at their best.


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    Harvesting Feijoas & Tamarillos.

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