Growing BLACKBERRY JAM FRUIT From Seed – Unusual Fruit Growing

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Growing blackberry jam fruit (Randia formosa) from seed can be a rewarding and unusual gardening project. Also known as “blackberry nightshade” or “white Indigo Berry,” this evergreen shrub produces small, dark berries that are often used to make jams and jellies. Here’s how to grow blackberry jam fruit from seed:

1. Seed Collection:

  • Harvest ripe blackberry jam fruit seeds by collecting the berries when they are fully mature and dark. The fruit’s flesh can be eaten or used to make jam, but you should save some seeds for planting.

Growing BLACKBERRY JAM FRUIT From Seed - Unusual Fruit Growing

2. Seed Extraction:

  • Remove the seeds from the mature berries. You can do this by squishing the fruit, extracting the seeds, and rinsing them to remove any residual pulp.

3. Seed Preparation:

  • Some seeds, like those of blackberry jam fruit, benefit from scarification to break dormancy. This can be done by gently rubbing the seeds between two sheets of sandpaper or nicking the seed coat with a knife. Soaking the seeds in warm water for a day or two can also help with germination.

4. Planting:

  • Plant the prepared seeds in small pots or seed trays filled with a well-draining potting mix. Sow the seeds about 1/4 inch deep and then cover them lightly with soil.

5. Germination:

  • Place the pots or trays in a warm location with indirect sunlight. Blackberry jam fruit seeds can take a few weeks to several months to germinate, so be patient.

6. Transplanting:

  • Once the seedlings have developed several true leaves and are large enough to handle, transplant them into larger containers or directly into your garden. Make sure they are well-acclimated to outdoor conditions before planting them in your garden.
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7. Growing Conditions:

  • Blackberry jam fruit prefers well-draining, slightly acidic soil. It can tolerate partial shade but will thrive in a sunny location. Ensure the plants receive regular water, especially during dry periods.

8. Pruning and Maintenance:

  • As your blackberry jam fruit plant grows, consider light pruning to maintain its shape and encourage bushier growth.

9. Fruiting and Harvest:

  • It may take several years for your blackberry jam fruit plant to mature and start producing fruit. The fruit turns dark when ripe and can be harvested and used for making jam or eaten fresh.

Growing blackberry jam fruit from seed is an unusual and unique gardening endeavor. This plant can be a great addition to your garden, not only for its fruit but also for its fragrant flowers and ornamental value. Be prepared for a bit of patience in waiting for the seeds to germinate and the plant to mature, but the results can be quite rewarding.


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