Houseplants In Low Light: These 5 Grow In The Shade

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Houseplants In Low Light: These 5 Grow In The Shade

Even in dark rooms, certain types of plants can bloom and thrive. They improve the air in the room and create a pleasant climate. We’ll show you which plants can get by even with little light.

Little light? That’s why houseplants are so important even in dark rooms

Houseplants In Low Light: These 5 Grow In The Shade

Houseplants In Low Light: These 5 Grow In The Shade

We spend a large part of the day indoors and ventilate only irregularly. Plants improve the indoor air, reduce stress and dampen noise. Even if you have a dark apartment, you don’t have to do without greenery in your room. Because the following five houseplants are also content with little light.

As a general rule, you should not buy your houseplants in DIY stores, supermarkets or furniture stores. Unfortunately, these are often treated with pesticides and therefore bad for your health. It is better to buy plants from a local organic nursery.

Cobbler palm: popular plant in low light conditions
The cobbler palm, or shield flower, is very easy to care for. So it’s ideal if you haven’t had much experience with houseplants. And the best thing is that it feels very comfortable even in low light. However, if the location is changed to the sun, it should not be exposed to direct light. This does not suit it at all. In the shade, its leathery dark green leaves can grow up to 55 centimeters long and are a real eye-catcher.

An almost indestructible houseplant: the Zamioculcas

Zamioculcas is a houseplant without many needs. It needs little light and does well with little water. Its survival strategy: stems as a water reservoir. Zamioclcas grow slower in the shade and have darker leaves than the specimens that stand in the sun.

Houseplant without demands: the bow hemp hardly needs sun.

The houseplant with long vertical leaves makes you think of exotic grasses: bow hemp actually comes from the desert and is very undemanding. With only one exception: the room temperature must be above 12 degrees for the bow hemp to feel comfortable. In low light, however, it grows without problems and has another strength: bow hemp stores CO2 and thus provides a better indoor climate.

Low-maintenance plant – in low light: the green lily

Houseplants In Low Light: These 5 Grow In The Shade

The green lily feels at home in almost any place, so it gets along with only a few rays of sunlight. If there is a draft or dry heating air, you can also leave the houseplant with the green-white leaves without worrying. With its leaves, the green lily is reminiscent of grasses and is particularly suitable as a hanging plant.

Robust even in the shade: the Kentia palm tree

The Kentia palm is very frugal when it comes to light. It grows best in partial shade. There it can even grow up to three meters tall. But it doesn’t mind a totally shaded spot either, though here it won’t reach its full size. Direct sunlight should be avoided at all costs for the houseplant with the dense green fronds. It is sufficient to water it once a week. With good care, the Kentia palm can be an acquisition for life.

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