The Perfect Location For Lady’s Mantle

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Whether in a pot on the terrace, in a balcony box or outdoors in naturalistic gardens and cottage gardens – there are many areas where Lady’s Mantle can find a home. But it does not feel at home everywhere. What are its site requirements?

Frauenmantel Standort

The location – a wide range

The origin of the lady’s mantle is in southeastern Europe and western Asia. Accordingly, he wants a location that mimics the conditions there. But do not worry: the requirements are easily met. Lady’s mantle is extremely adaptable and copes with both sunny, semi-shady and shady locations.

The Perfect Location For Lady's Mantle

Since lady’s mantle can not cope with heat or drought, you should avoid planting in direct southern exposure and in a completely sheltered place . On the other hand, it can get along well with neighbors such as roses, lavender, begonias and bellflowers…

Requirements for the substrate
The leaves of lady’s mantle are large and evaporate a lot of water. For this reason, the plant requires a permanently fresh to moist environment in the soil. Ideal locations are therefore, for example, at the edge of streams and rivers, as well as at the garden pond. A permanently moist soil guarantees high crop yields later – if you want to harvest it.

Other characteristics that the soil should or can have are the following:

  • high humus content
  • medium to high nutrient content
  • acidic to alkaline pH value
  • like moderate lime content
  • good drainage and loose structure

Tips & Tricks
Plant lady’s mantle in a location where weeds are unwelcome and you find them a nuisance. Its dense growth suppresses and drives away wild weeds. As a result, less maintenance is required.

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