Lavender As A Houseplant: Is It Suitable Or Not?

The pretty flowering and intensely fragrant lavender is also cultivated in gardens and on balconies. Many a plant lover would also like to enjoy the plant indoors, but the semi-shrub is not very suitable for keeping indoors.

Lavendel Zimmerpflanze

Lavender should be outside in the summer
There is a great variety of beautiful houseplants, but they all have one thing in common: They originate from tropical and subtropical regions and therefore could not survive outdoors in our climate zone – with the exception of hot summer days, when many a palm tree also feels at home on the balcony. Mediterranean plants, such as lavender, are not very suitable as houseplants. At least in summer, the plant should be allowed to stand in a sunny spot on the balcony or in the garden. Indoor cultivation usually means that the plants do not get enough sun and are therefore weakened. Very often the result is an infestation with plant pests and fungi.

Dried lavender as a decoration for the apartment.
However, you do not have to do without the wonderful scent of lavender in the apartment. Instead of a live plant, you can simply use dried lavender bouquets for home decoration. For this purpose, use flowers as well as stems including leaves, which are either braided or packaged in potpourris or scented sachets.

winter ready lavender in the room
Wintering in a heated room is also problematic, because unlike tropical plants, lavender needs a winter break. However, most lavender species are not hardy and therefore belong in a cold house to mimic the conditions of their Mediterranean home. Cold house overwintering means that the plants overwinter indoors at about 10 to 12 °C – this can also be in the (little or unheated) bedroom or in a stairwell.

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Warm winter protected lavender usually dies
If you overwinter your lavender in a heated living room, it will most likely not survive the winter. Like so many Mediterranean plants, lavender is evergreen and therefore needs more light the warmer it is in winter. However, the light intensity we have in winter is not enough for lavender. Furthermore, a warm wintering prevents the lavender from its much needed vegetation break, it becomes weakened and thus more susceptible to diseases.

Tips & Tricks
Lavender is said to have a stimulating effect, especially in the bedroom. Since ancient times, the herb has been considered an aphrodisiac, which means that its active ingredients increase libido.


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