How Do You Fix Wet Compact Topsoil?

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A muddy topsoil means nothing but trouble. On the one hand, it restricts garden design, on the other hand, the garden can often only be entered with rubber boots. With these tips – and a little perseverance – you can get the soil dry again.

  • little to no vegetation on muddy topsoil
  • Cause for mud mostly waterlogging
  • Drainage with simple means hardly permanently possible
  • Installation of professional drainage recommended


Topsoil, also called topsoil or topsoil, is the uppermost layer of soil. After about 20 to 30 centimeters follows the subsoil, below which is the subsoil. Topsoil

  • consists of clay, silt and fine sand (main mineral components),
  • is rich in nutrients (nitrogen, humus),
  • harbors many soil organisms and
  • stores water.

How Do You Fix Wet Compact Topsoil?

This composition makes it the most fertile part of the soil profile and forms the basis of life for plants. Since topsoil is not created overnight, it is subject to special protection in this country, particularly in the case of construction measures (Section 202 of the Building Code). The Federal Soil Protection Act (BBodSchG) protects topsoil from harmful soil changes.


Slush occurs when the topsoil has to absorb more water than it can store. Waterlogging occurs when excess rain or melt water cannot seep away quickly enough. The resulting disadvantages are obvious:

  • Plant roots rot
  • muddy soil on shoes
  • wet and dirty animal paws
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How Do You Fix Wet Compact Topsoil?


Since a muddy topsoil brings only disadvantages, you should drain it. However, you should not expect miracles, as nature takes time to return to equilibrium.

Iron rod / pipe

If waterlogging is imminent or already present, holes can help:

  • Knock iron pipe or similar deep into the ground.
  • at least 50 centimeters
  • subsoil must be reached
  • Pull out the pipe
  • Repeat in several places

Note: Since the holes tapped in will close again over time, this is a short-term measure. In addition, it is more suitable for smaller areas due to the amount of force required.


How Do You Fix Wet Compact Topsoil?

You can use a soil auger to dry out a topsoil that is wet in spots. Proceed as follows:

  • Drill a hole in the wetted area with an auger.
  • at least 50 centimeters deep
  • line with fleece (prevents silting)
  • Fill hole with coarse building sand or fine gravel (drains excess water)
  • up to 15 centimeters below the surface

Replace topsoil

Note: You do not need to purchase an auger. Home improvement stores and construction equipment rentals also offer them for rent with gasoline engines.

Quartz sand and compost
For heavy, compacted soils, quartz sand and compost help combat excess water.

Rule of thumb: 1 wheelbarrow of sand per square meter (about 100 liters).
Rake in compost not only superficially
For a medium- or long-term effect, place the quartz sand-compost mixture at least two spades deep.

Lawn edging stones

How Do You Fix Wet Compact Topsoil?

Lawn edging stones do not help against waterlogging in the topsoil. However, you can prevent your vegetables from drowning by raising the vegetable bed higher:

  • Line bed area with lawn edging stones.
  • Border edges with mowing angle
  • Fill bed with 30 centimeters of topsoil
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Create professional drainage

If the topsoil cannot be permanently drained, you should consider installing professional drainage. This involves laying drainage pipes or infiltration trenches in the soil to collect and drain off excess water. Since this requires careful planning, you should also work with an expert in view of the necessary excavation work. In addition, this person is usually also familiar with the water law regulations that must be observed in the process.

Frequently asked questions

What plants thrive on muddy topsoil?

Marsh, bog and pond plants are suitable for planting on a muddy topsoil. Among the low-maintenance perennials, for example, is the yellow bateleur flower (Mimulus luteus). Among woody plants, many species of willows (Salix) tolerate flooding.

Can wet topsoil be drained with plants?

So-called foundation plants do not drain muddy topsoil, but they can be used to prevent compaction. Their long roots often reach into the subsoil and loosen it. This makes it more permeable and allows excess water to seep away more quickly.

Which soil types are particularly at risk?

Generally, clay and loam soils are considered susceptible to waterlogging. Whether they become muddy depends, on the one hand, on the amount of precipitation and, on the other, on the permeability of the subsoil.

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