How To Build Bee Drinking Trough Yourself

Last updated on October 23rd, 2023 at 08:28 pm

Insects, like all other living creatures, need water in order to survive. However, especially in summer, the search for water can become a challenge for the animals. We will show you how to build a bee watering trough quite simply yourself.

Not only birds and plants suffer from the water shortage, but also bees, pollinators and other insects are threatened by the increasingly dry summers, especially in cities. Here you can build a bee watering trough yourself to help.

How To Build Bee Drinking Trough Yourself

Again, use a shallow dish or flower pot coaster.
Place several flat stones or pebbles in the dish for the insects to land on and safely drink from. Sticks or thick moss cushions are also suitable. You can also place a layer of marbles in the bowl so that they support each other.
Corks from wine bottles, whole or sliced, can also serve as landing spots for the lighter insects.
Fill fresh, clean water into your bee trough.
Place the bee trough in a windless, sunny location. It is ideal if bee-friendly plants are also blooming nearby.

How To Build Bee Drinking Trough Yourself

Maintain bee trough

To prevent diseases from spreading among insects from your bee trough, you should also maintain your bee trough regularly.

Change the water daily.
Wash the bowl and stones or marbles regularly and replace the corks.
With these simple methods you can make an important contribution to the protection of bees and birds as well as to the preservation of biodiversity.


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